Specialist Doctor salary at MOH (KSA), Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Good info , i am planning to go for interview as a Pathologist.. Please guide me.

Hello all
Any doctors / dentists in this group??
Any Kannada speaking families in the group??
Would love to meet them at Riyadh

Any one staying /working close to HMG Kharis branch? Riyadh??

Dear Mrs S,
Hi I am also going to join HMG as Specialist Micrbiologist. VISA processing is going on may b by new year I ll b in Riyadh. They have posted me to Arryan Hosp , Khurrais rd.Hope to meet u there. Regarding the accomodation, they r giving me 2BHK, Furnished apt. Their accomodation is good I heard. Fingers crossed. I come from Davngere.Where r u from?

Hi all,
update as on october 2015 after attending moh interview for specialist post

Specialist (MD/MS/DNB) = 9260 SR Basic + 505 SR Per yr of experience (count up to 15 yrs)+ others HRA,transport,visa,flights,annual vacation

and then comes the most important part:
i met a doctor with 8 yrs experience and mrcs too... he was denied consultant post just on the basis of being Asian...he was offered specialist post with extra riyals for 8 yr experience...he was a Muslim who knew Arabic...he said the interview committee had no regards for any over there with extremely rude attitude and he was shooed away for asking if he ll get promoted as consultant after working for a while in ksa.

thank god... i m glad i didnt understand their language because i m sure i woudnt be able to take that kinda of an insult..
only 30 people took the interview and 20 fled the place in a jiff after the salary negotiation saying that to make an extra lakh rupees i dont have to give up so much... only few who were desperately in need of money like me have signed.. i really dont know where all this is gonna end...

ps.. no negotiations/bargains...its all fixed... your post and salary...most of my aquaintainces there confirmed on the consultant post rejection state..

I m ICU intensivist, MBBS, PGDMCH, DNB(family Medicine), ACLS, BLS .....with 10 yrs post MBBS / Post DNB 4yrs exp......What salary i can expect from MOH KSA,....

Hi All,

Iam MBBS doctor with post internship 3 years of experience. I have recently attended a MOH interview of Saudi Arabia and had been offered 6348 riyals as gross salary.
That was first time for me to attend MOH interview and got confused to accept the offer since I was not clear by HR personnel that what was basic out of it and other allowance ? I was informed that as Iam unmarried most probably I would get free accomodation in hospital premises and transport also free. Therefore i will not be getting HRA per anuually and transport allowance per month.

I need your expert help in categorsing salary what they offered to me and what will be my exact take home , basic and Department allowance or any other allowance am eligible for?
How much other expenses need to incurr in that country apart from housing and transport (cost of living)?
What is the acceptable offer for residents (GP) with my (3 and half years exact) experience in MOH?

And also , recruitment agency by which I attended interview was asking some service charge .. do they really need to charge fees for MOH interviews as I heard MOH will hire directly and we do not have to pay anything for processing.. please do confirm?

Please advice and help me in this regard.

remo136 :

Hi all,
update as on october 2015 after attending moh interview for specialist post

Specialist (MD/MS/DNB) = 9260 SR Basic + 505 SR Per yr of experience (count up to 15 yrs)+ others HRA,transport,visa,flights,annual vacation
ps.. no negotiations/bargains...its all fixed... your post and salary....

I appreciate your effort in updating this thread.:top:
I think it is the so-called "revised salary scale" offered by Saudi MOH. Earlier, it was 8050 SR Basic + 438 SR per year of experience. I am getting a lot of e-mails from Indian job agencies highlighting the "revised" scale...

I should be above 17000 SR

im a medical officer in malaysia
needing to apply for a job in saudi arabia since my husband is employed there
how do i go about it because its not common for malaysians applying for a job in saudi
i have scout around if theres any agent here but non

i hope someone would be able to hand in some infos

1. how much your agency charges for a doctor selected for MOH specialist job at King Saud Medicity?

2. Do they change the job location after announcing one? For example from King saud meficity to some where else?

3. Does sharia justice applies on medical professional? Like eye for an eye? Because being a doctor u can't save all serious patient.

EXCELLENT  AND TRUE PICTURE .......I worked in MOH for 17 long years in KSA .

Dear Dr. Samir,
I hope you are still active on this thread. I am young Pathologist from Pakistan and have recently finished my higher masters from London in Clinical microbiology. I don't have any work experience in this field. I grew up in Saudi Arabia and still have a transferable sponsorship under my father's Iqama. What salary should I be expecting if I were to get a job offer after passing my SLE in microbiology?


Hi friends..

My self Shakir from KSA Jubail, working here as engineer .  My wife is BUMS doctor with one year practice ,  I would like to now for BUMS doctors Is there any carrier in saudi arabia ? If there is . Please let me now what is the MOH exam need to qualify ? & what is the exam syllabus ?

please help me by providing information.  my mail id xxx

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Some more to the revised scale:

No dearness allowance will be provided even if it is mentioned in your offer letter.

HRA has not been provided since 2015. ( reason stated : no funds with govt)

So it is jus basic pay + experience allowance + speciality allowance subject to prometric clearance.

And they post most new comers with few yrs experience in borders mostly for war duties. So please get your job location mentioned earlier.

All the best guys

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