Indian wants to go Philippine... help seek

Hi, My name is Ajay and I want to go to philippine. I have been there for 2 months and really liked the beautiful country and the culture. Moreover I have a girlfriend over there and we are looking forward for our relationship. In order to obtain the maximum stability in relation, we have to be together for a good time.
At the same time, I want to work over there to survive and save money. I have 7 years of exp in KPO and I am at Management position. I love to know more people over there ans get all of your valuabke thoughts.



@ jasee rawat > Do you have some information in order to help the initiator please?


Priscilla  :cheers:

It's not very easy to get a job in The Philippines as a foreigner. Technically, you need to have skills that Filipinos don't have. You can't really compete as though it's a level playing field because, for one thing, a business isn't going to go through the process of a work permit for you unless you can offer them something special.

Now if you were married to a Filipina, that would make it easier. You could then apply for a 13a Visa which is a resident visa and, I believe, entitles you to work without a work permit.

Thanks. Do u know some company or consultant who hire foreigners.

Sorry, I can't help you with contacts. I'm not even in The Philippines at the moment. If you are going to reach out successfully, I suggest you do so by promoting your skills within your industry rather than asking for help from people you have had little contact with through social media.

Good luck.

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You can check the BPO Companies here in Phils.... Search it on google, amd try to apply online....
After that, you can ask or request for a job contract for you to apply for wprking Visa in Phil Immigration..

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