how to make money in Cambodia

"Adult businesses"? And now you're moving to Cambodia? That doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination as to what sort of business you intend to conduct. Not bustin yer chops. Just an observation. There is certainly no shortage of that kind of thing going on there!

That was about ad cynical as it gets! Lol! I agree that it is wise to be cautious, however, not everyone is worthy of your mistrust. God bless!

Ok come and contact to me to make friend in Cambodia...

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is small time investing ok in cambodia?like some kind of Mutual Funds?

That's a 'no' from my gut and a 'no' from the pro's as well, it seems: … a_fund.pdf

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Hi, l also lived in Cambodia about two years and had a ice business, l am interested in growing tomatoes, sweet green pepper, bell peppers etc. l know many vegetables comes from  Thailand or Vietnam to Cambodia would you please recommend a place where it would be better to start such business, well l don't want to call it business, for me it's very nice to grow corps from seed. I am hoping this would also bring business to our Khmer friends, what are the lawsuits about bringing a organic seeds and introducing to Cambodian agriculture, l hope l explained myself clear. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Hi. I indboxed you. I am South African. I want to move to Cambodia. Got tefl certificate but the farming idea seems great.

Hi  There,
  I read  your  article  regarding to  grow  corps  .greendest , veggy"s  to  live  on, im quite  interesting  .
   Would   U  will be  my partner  .i own 2  ha  of land  at  KOMPONG SPEU . province  distance  40km  from  PHNOM PENH,
    we  get  water , electricity. small hut, 3 ponds  1 well.
   that  farm  quite  big to  grow  every thing  need  according to  the  land ?also  raise  fish  &  chicken etc..
   So  any  advice .or  partnership  .welcome  warmly. 
   Sincerely . ROBERT   SOM.

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Yes that's true UN have ton of money to burn and they paid like you read in the post.
But UN also work like who know who ways so don't expect anything for you what bullshit you read on UN website about Holiness.
Good luck to all.

I have the big land of mangoes , any one interested to start your business to make money here ? Please inbx me . if you are looking a job please try to checked website , there are many Job offered there depend on your skills, Please happy to live and stay with the job. cheers

Thankyou, i know was written a couple of years ago but i found it really informative.


I am thinking of moving ther, an if u have a good plan for buffet maybe I will back u

OK,  good we need to talk. I have lots of ideas.

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so many internation schools in pp which you can get 1000$ to 1200$ per month.**

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I've been looking for a teaching job for a while with no success.  I have years of experience as a science teacher, little experience teaching English, though I do have a TEFL diploma.  I am 68 and I see that many schools specify no one over 55.  I have been applying at those schools which seem of better quality. 


Walter Stanley

What kind of agriculture are you doing?
We would like to have some agricultural business here, also we would love to help some Cambodian poor families as giving them job opportunities.
Do you have any suggestions?

Interesting thread and a few creative ideas. I am not sure if it is at all profitable but I was told about this teacher who quit his job to start a chicken farm. Breeding and farming animals for produce might be an idea. Also breeding dogs as they can sell for a lot of cash.
I am looking for a parner myself. They need to be able to shoot quaulity video. And preferably have their own quality video camera. (even a good mobile phone cam)  Plus a genuine interest in video and videomaking. Also be able to edit video.
If you think you might have these qualities then I can discuss further.
I have a few other ideas but they mainly involve food and catering which is always a way to make a business, if you have the right ideas.
Making any kind of income online is a good way to keep you afloat. Teaching Chinese kids English online is another way to make extra cash. And is fairly easy to set up.
Just some ideas of the top of my head.

Where are the internation schools?  Can you give me a few names please? 

Would there be interest for a sales agent for Cambodian farmers and factories to sell their products in Europe, like my countries Belgium and the Netherlands? Or act as agent for European companies to import from Cambodia?
Last year a friend of mine was interested in importing some agricultral products from Cambodia, but he had no clue how to arrange this. It can be difficult without a western oriented, english speaking representative on the ground in Cambodia.

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james1963, I'm speaking here as someone with a degree in Int'l Business. Consider that it can be very difficult for someone attempting to do this in Cambodia as well. You don't have any contacts yet, don't know any farmers, have not gained anyone's trust and don't speak the language (I'm assuming here, correct me if I'm wrong).
Foreign buyers want assurances on the quality and there will be EU import rules to be followed (pest control, preparing the perishable goods a certain way). You might have to set up a processing facility, there's logistics to be solved, paperwork, bribing ... it's a huge undertaking with nothing guaranteed, least of all that you will make a profit.


Now good opportunity for invest in real estate on Cambodia.

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