Looking for friends to hang out with :)

Hellloo everyone,
I moved to Shanghai more than a month ago and am soooo bored. Anyone also finds it hard to find friends in Shanghai  as a working person? You usually just know your colleagues and they all have families already.
Anyway I am a person who loves to just hang out with friends, if it is just wondering around Shanghai, watching movies or going out, I like everything if I just have a nice person around me! Sooo I would love to meet some people, if you would like too just send me a wechat (Kathi_Lina) or a message here.

Looking forward hearing from you :)

Hello Kathy. Would like to hang out with you. just added your wechat :)

I would going out with you if I was there... I'm moving in July.

You are from Germany. How did you end up in Shanghai ? What is your profession ?

Chears !

@Evaleintje: You are coming in July to Shanghai? That is still quite a while :P
I am working here as an intern, and I studied Chinese, that is why I usually somehow end up in China haha. And what about you?

Yeah. It is a good few month :( I'm literally crossing of the days.

Well. The truth is that my boyfriend is living in China. I'm stuck because of my studies. I'll obtain my bachelor and postgraduate in June. So from the moment I have these papers in hand, I'll come over ^^ I studied to become a kindergarten teacher. I've done a postgraduate in teaching moral and ethics in primary school as well.

I started looking for a job. It doesn't seem easy to find a teaching job in Shanghai if you're not a English native speaker ( and you didn't studie Chinese :p ) . I've seen job offers that said: kindergarten teacher ... English native, experience with children isn't a must. I was quite shocked and offended.

Anyway. I am looking for friends and people who can advise and/or help me to find a job in Shanghai. Obviously I'll come over to visit my boyfriend, but we are hoping to live there together for a while. I went to Shanghai and Jianying before. Shanghai is a great city.

Do you know Shanghai Brewery ? It's a nice pub with loads of expats. It's located in the 'French area' and I thought they had good beers.

hi Kathy..same here my situation ..looking for good friends..hope see you soon

same here!

Dear ,
If you are looking for teaching job please post your CV in linked in , it will help to you . if any help need without hesitate let me know .

Hey Everyone,

I'm an Australian girl who just moved to Shanghai. Looking for some people to hang out with as I will be working here for the next 4 months.


Hi Simone,

I am in Shanghai for something about a month staying till beginning of March. By the way, I am from Slovakia, working for UK company. Will be happy to meet for a chat in a some pub next week.

See you :)

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hiya guys. I move to shanghai four months  ago. would like to meet some new friends hanging out add me ***

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I just moved to Shanghai 2 weeks ago because of the Job of my boyfriend.
I am also a teacher and was having the same problem as you, they want Native speakers in general.
In half an hour I have a job interview at a kindergarten around the corner, so I cross my fingers.
Do you already know when you are moving to Shanghai?

hi we can meet

Welcome to China ,have a good time here

Are you still living in China now?

Hi ..I am moving back to Hangzhou at the end of the month for 3 more far are you from Hangzhou???I know what you mean it gets lonely... Would you be interested in hanging out some time ?I would take the train to meet you
Thanks Mark

Hey! I live near Hangzhou. Sometimes I come to Hangzhou ,I love that city so much. Are u from USA ? I used to live in the USA for short time.

Yes I am from the states.. Would like to meet up with you I will be back the beginning of April for 3 months... Let's talk


If you like maybe we can hang out together.

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Write me when you come

hi my we chat id is *** please add me

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Any hangout, include me too.

lol, some one care for others, even though they prefer to share the contact, crazy moderator

Hi everyone,

I'll move to Shanghai in 2 weeks and I'm interested in other expats to spend time together and share experiences :)

Hi I'm in Shanghai for a few days I'd love to meet you and see the city. I'm looking to come back later so trying to get meetings but also to see what it is like to live here. Do you have WeChat?

Hi I'm in Shanghai for a few days I'd love to meet you and see the city
And see what it is like to live here

Hi! I will arrive to Shanghai in August and I would love to meet new people. Please, send me a message and we can share interests.
See you :)

Looking for friends , i am in Jinhua city near to hangzhou and shanghai

expat working in shanghai since 1.5 months now! would love to meet new people - share experiences. :) <removed wechat as per rule>

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