Can I retire in Cuba?

I'm retired. Can I live in Cuba w monthly income of $1400?  I live a simple, quiet life.

you can live in guatemala on that. no problem.

You should be able too. I'm starting to look at that as well. I know groceries are around Canadian prices in the stores. My wife is from Havana, so that is were I mostly go. Taxis can add up if you're not careful. When we have a bunch of running around to do, you can drop $40 CUC easy. You can find places to live for a few hundred a month. Restaurants range in price a lot. Dinner for 2 in a nice place ranges from $20-$70 CUC. I have more research to do on the day to day.

IMO 1400 would be the very min. as Cuba is $$$ for Yumas... I just spent a few months there and my biggest costs by far was transportation as I moved around island.. I was lucky to go on a few Astros buses as a Cuban which I'm clearly not but a lot things can be done with a few cucs as regulars to island know.

  My thinking for next trip is to buy a electric scooter that they sell all over Havana for 1000 cuc with 5 batteries  as I tried it out and was able to go 90 kilometers on full charge ..

  If i was single I might be able to do it on 1400.00 but when in a relationship with a Cuban 1400.00 will not be enough as they can't help with restaurant and transportation cost for obvious reasons ..

You can if you do proper paper work or get legally married there.You could live i. a smaller tosn on $1400- per month..but Havana more expensive because geared towards tourism.

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