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Any idea after interview how long IGI take to give RC discussion ?

Davesandhu :

Any idea after interview how long IGI take to give RC discussion ?

I'll give you the same answer as your other questions related to this:  IGI are the only ones with the answer, you need to ask them directly about your file.  There is no standard answer.


Appreciate sir

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So I'm right in thinking that as UK still part of EU (for now at least...) all UK citizens will need is a residency certificate which apply for in the first 90 days? Plus it's not to difficult to get that certificate is it? Thanks all☺

Short answer: Yes!

Dear show money is required for family reunification visa of romania or not ? If required how much ?
And first entry refusal secound time entry is easy or more difficult ?

Did the Romania immigration kept your old id (Residence card) during the  renewal application process before they issue a new one after the approval?

please anyone told me what kind of qustion in which immigration ask i also got interview letter on 1 may please anybody help me i am so worried about it

The interview is done to make sure you and your wife really know each other and have spent enough time together be it before and/or after marriage. You shouldnt worry about it.. its just about the two of you. Both of you will be interviewed on separate rooms and the answers ideally should match.

in which qustion answer ? we are togather almost 1 year and in contact is more then 3 year .. i have marriage pics and 1 year old skype chat etc my wife have 2 pakistani family visas and 3 month and 6 month family extention from pakistan ...
you have little idea about it ?

Just about your marriage, personal things, house arrangements, wedding.

Salut! :)
Maybe someone can help me  this doubt,
Currently im in the process of getting all the documents to apply for the  residence permit, and i will enter them ASAP, the duedate of my tourist visa is in 3 weeks aprox (i know dont scold me) the thing is that i need to leave the country mid may for 3 or 4 days, im affraid i wont have the permission by then, so how can i prove to customs that my visa was extended and  im in the process? Is there like  a provisional paper thay they give you when you start your application until you receive the permission? I hope there is a way to do it because i already have plane tickets :( please help, multumesc!!

Hi,I am Indian citizen and my wife is Romanian national.we are married since 2010.and we moved to Romania in 2011.there i got permis de sedere as below
1 year 2011 to 2012
5 year 2012 to 2017
5 year 2012 to 2022 every time temporary.
When and how I can get permanent residency card?which are the requirements for permanent?and when I can be eligible for Romanian citizenship.thanks

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