Medical Report nedded for embassy

I will start issuing working visa. I need in my country 'Medical Report' for embassy. But now I am already in Saudi Arabia on visiting visa.
Could you tell me where can I do these medical examinations in Riyadh. Maybe could help me a doctor of medicine?
Do you know what approximate cost of this medical research?

I am not sure of the visa process here, but usually - as in the case in other countries - you need to exit the country in order for them to issue you another type of visa. Which means that you may need to exit KSA and go somewhere else where you can complete and submit the requirements so that your company can process your visa application. Only then will KSA issue you a new type of visa (employment visa), so that when you enter KSA, you enter with employment visa.

Why don't you try asking the HR of your company. Perhaps they can provide you assistance.

never do any medical test outside empassy umbrella. they r dealing woth some medical centers or hospitals.
They will assign one center to u. if u do in other place u loose ur time ur money and they will refuse it
wish u best

I know about visa process. Normally I should do this medical report in my country, I know it. And finally I will apply for a visa in embassy in my country - so my future employer does not care about this.
But now I am in Saudi, so I would not like to waste time and I want to do this report here. May be someone done this here and have some information...

The employer should give you a paper with an employer number for iqama and they should tell you which clinic to go to. Most of the clinics to iqama tests.

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