New expat in Bien Hoa. Anyone play squash, badminton, etc?

Hi all I started working in Bien Hoa as an English teacher and I'm here Monday to Fridays. Does anyone play squash, badminton, football or pool? I'm here to meet new people who also play these sports.

Also if anyone is looking for a cinema partner, hit me up.

I also like beer. Reply if you do too.

Welcome to Vietname, hope you will like our country as your mother-country and enjoy everything here.

There are many expats in Bien Hoa, you can see them around your home.

I'm in Bien Hoa but not near downtown Bien Hoa or Tam Hiep district where most of the Expats are. I'm by ngã ba Vung Tau where highway 1 and 51 intersect.

I like bars but haven't /don't know where any of them are around me.

Is that far? U I'm in Quang Vinh.

yes, I have to take a ferry to get to your area. You're close to the Dong Nai hospital and So Tu Phap too where I visit every 3 months to extend my stay in Vietnam. I need to get a health certificate for driver's license. I think Dong Nai hospital does it. Will give it a shot some time this year before the new driver's license act of 2015 coming into effect.

i like badmintion, swimming and cinema too. its my pleasure to do sport with you. if have freetime we can drink beer
**. i live near your place

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consider coming to Nations on this Wednesday if you can I would be delighted to meet you.

Hi there,I'm Jenny, I'm an English teacher
Could we organiZe a group. then we can hang out sometimes for coffee, beer. Having more friends is nice

I Mike,
Do you still teach in Bien Hoa city?
I play football every week and I like beer too.

Hi Jenny,
Do you have private class? If so I would like to take your class because I want to speak English fluently.

I'm moving to Bien Hoa in November, and am looking for long term accomodation (rent an apartment or share house). Does anyone have any recommendations on the best areas of Bien Hoa to live in? Are there any good websites that I could search on? Thanks!!   :)


Vo Thi Sau street is the centre of the city. That is a good place to rent that cost only about 3mil vnds / month.


Great, thanks bugcheckvn for the tip :)

i would like to make some new friends in bienhoa.

do anyone know if there is any badminton court in bienhoa ?

i like playing badminton, there are many courts around the city, i often play badminton near Tan phong intersection

Hello all :cheers:

To increase your chances to find sports partners around you, I invite you to drop an advert in the Sport partners in Vietnam section of our Vietnam classifieds :top:


thanks for your reply. can you pls. text me address to xxxx.

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Hi Vin, im living in the BH city now and would love to have a badminton partner like you, please text me via skype: *** or send private mess as i cannot see your contact

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Hi Everyone, is there any Orphans age home in Bienhoa. As I would like to donate my free times as  Volunteer. since I am new here and not familiar with city . also tried  to search information on net. but couldn't find such as. if anyone can guide me and provide some information about that.


hi Vin , know one group on Facebook may be suitable with your hobby. leave me comment if you want to join them

somewhere around Mango Garden resort is a big orphanage.

hi Vin, im really exciting in this topic too and some charity donation groups have been known, send me mess if you want to join with me :)

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