I have a new question and important one ....

I have ECR( EMIGRATION CHECK REQUIRED )  on my passport which is not allowing me to travel on Job Visa , today I cancelled my ticket because of this and have visited the passport office here in India and they informed ECR can be cancelled with proving some documents ( Educational ) which I have ready so I am eligible for ECNR( EMIGRATION CHECK NOT REQUIRED )  ,

However they informed me that the passport office will give me a new passport and cancel my exiting one ... But my work visa is linked with my exiting passport number , I have booked the appointment with the passport office for monday which mean on monday once I submit my documents and apply they will give me a new passport ...

I want to know whether this will be a problem having a new passport or I can still travel with both the passport ???

I am in a big trouble as I have to bear my ticket expense and also embarrassment which I don't want to face it again in my whole life ...

Please guide me with the best reasonable answers with reference available !

I am available at osman.imran[at] or call me at +919701206022 ( India ) ....

Thank you so much !!

I assume you do not have a Bahrain residence permit yet, since you are only now moving to Bahrain.

If this is the case, you will not be able to travel to Bahrain with a passport other than the one mentioned in your business/visit visa. If you have to get a new passport, then your potential employer will have to get you a new business/visit visa with your new passport details. Only then will you be able to travel to Bahrain.

Remember - everything happens with a reason and for the good. So take it as it comes. Best wishes.

New Question for you !!

After the hassle of ECR I got a new passport which I will be travelling along with my old passport to Bahrain on job visa. My medical test is on my old passport which is valid till 19th dec 2014.

My question is do I have to once again go through the medical test here on my new passport or not ? As my new visa will be linked with my new passport


Dear Osman

Need a clarification - do you have a visa to enter Bahrain with your new passport number on it? If yes, then you should be fine. Otherwise, you may have difficulties passing immigrations at the airport.

Now I have a new visa with new passport number printed but my question is whether my old medical will be valid or not.

Please let me know soon

I understood your question, the first time. I wanted clarification before I answered your question.

Medical is not really an issue. Important thing is to have a visa with new passport number. That will allow you to enter Bahrain.

I am not sure about this, but medical on the old passport may not be valid - but its not an issue. You can get it sorted out once you come here.

Look forward to welcoming you here.

Thank you so much for your support and wishes !!!

Regards ,

Osman  :)

The immegration guy from the airport stop me from exiting Bahrain. He said that i have to fix my passport first. I carry my new and old passport with me but he said that i have to go immegration to transfer my visa from my old passport to the new one. Why is that? When i took my passport from my embassy, they told me that the immegration from the airport will do the transfer of my visa.. If the immegration from the airport refuse to do it..then, who will do???

Dear ConradCA1121,

once you receive your new passport, old one is no longer valid, since your in Bahrain you need to have the visa stamp on the new passport, this is by law, you will have to talk to your HR and they will send it to the concerned to get a new stamp on the new passport. As far as i know the only exception is like if you have a valid multi entry visa from another country then you carry both your old & new passport and they will allow you to enter and in the new passport they will stamp (and mention visa in old passport) .


my name is imran sayed from mira road and I am facing a problem due to emigrations.
I have my old passport valid till 2020 and i have my visa of bahrain E visa.
last month I visited airport for departure there I came to know I need ecr so I cancelled my tickets and the next day I visited the emigration office in santacruz.
now I applied for fresh passport and I got it a few dayz back and I informed my company that I had got my passport.
now the issue is this that on my E visa the passport number is of old passport and my old passport is cancelled but was valid till 2020.
so, can I travel to Bahrain by taking both the passports kindly suggest me what I can do further.

Imran Sayed - the moment you get a new passport the older passport is no longer valid. You will need a new visa with the new passport number on it to travel to Bahrain.

but as I inquired the agents and uae consulate also telling that if the old passport number is on the new passport then u can go on that visa.

Travelling that way is a risk.

Visas clearly state that passport number and name on the visa have to match with the current passport.

You could potentially be held back at immigrations at the airport and if they are not helpful you will be put on a flight back to your city.

And that is if you are allowed to board the plane in the first place.

I agree with Farhaz on that point, it is risky, ask your potential employer (i am assuming) who had applied for the e-visa earlier to apply for a fresh one with the new passport number.

good luck


so in this situation what should I do.
can I tell them to send me a visit visa so that I can travel bahrain and change the visit visa to work visa.

Yes you could do that as well, only thing to remember is new Passport number in work visa or visit visa.

good luck


Yes. Request your counterparts here in Bahrain to apply for a fresh visa. That's the best and safest way.

All the best.

If I go myself to lmra, will they put visa stamp in my new passport coz my old passport is cancelled and there is visa untill 2016
I want to go my country
What should I do
Plz rply fast

I have a residence permit for Bahrain on my old passport which is valid till 30th Jan 2016. But since I recently got my ECR cancelled I got a new passport and the old one is now cancelled. Can I travel to Bahrain now by carrying both the passports? Or should the visa be transferred to the new passport.
Please reply soon! Very urgent. Thank you :)


yes you can travel to Bahrain with both your passports and then once your here you can get the visa transferred to the new passport.


I have the same situation with him. I have new passport last month and let my visa get stamped by my hr to my new passport last month. However I had an emergency that I have to go home and when I asked my hr about my passport they said it wasnt stamped yet because the person authorized to process it is on vacation. Can I go to immigration myself and let my new passport get stamped. pls help. thank you!


as far as i know only authorized people can do this, not everyone can go on their own and do it.

someone can correct me if i am wrong.


Thank you for your answer.

Usually it has to be done through authorized agents only.
But, in this case, I believe you can go to the LMRA and try to do this yourself, since you have an emergency. I know someone who was in a similar situation - went to the LMRA and got the new visa stamped.

All the best.

Thank you for your help Farhaz, I will try to go yo LMRA tomorrow.

I have a valid residence permit and I am in india now... my passport is valid less then 6 month... can I travel back to bahrain... or you suggest me to renew my passport and then travel... but my RP will be in old passport with I be allowed to come back to bahrain..??


If you already have a valid residence permit (green sticker on the passport) the condition of 6months validity on the passport does not apply it applied for visit visa only. You can come to Bahrain and then you can renew your passport here and once you get your new passport you can transfer the visa to your new passport


I need to know that I just renewed my passport and got on outgoing Thursday. Now I have to place visa stamp on it as I already have on my old one. I will be travelling soon, otherwise I believe I may face issue.

Kindly guide me the fastest process to go through it and do it, I believe its not a technical thing.

Don't understand what you mean by technical thing or fastest process.

To transfer your visa to the new passport, your sponsor needs to take it to LMRA and get it done.  With the right PRO, it takes 5 minutes.

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