Looking for a sport coach

I'm 17 and im so interested in sports, Im a beginner gymnast, I've some ideas about many sports and I wish I could excel one. So please if you know gymnastics/ karate, or any self defense sport/ dance/ tennis/ basketball..etc female teacher (jeddah) please contact me. 

Note: I prefere private classes but I'm ok with public class.

Hi dear

Just read your message about your interest in gymnastic and would love to let  you know more to our Gymnastic classes you can visit our instagram @dccjed

You can sign up one in one session or with group I dropped you an email with pictures



i have recently moved to jeddah and i am looking for a female partner to play tennis or squash with me @ the gold gym . if anyone interested may contact me on [moderated: please avoid your phone num], Mrs M

Contact me

Hi infoagent  > please note that free ad in not allowed on the forum. I invite you to register your gym in the Jeddah business directory.

Thank you

Hi sakhaa..i just read ir message i am a gymnastics n pilates trainer i can give private class to u...

Hi do you know someone who can teach Pilates (Female) here in Riyadh I hope you can help me thank you

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