Meeting new people!

I have just arrived in Nairobi from London.. came here to settle and look for a job :) I grew up in the UK and worked as a family support worker. I moved because I am interested in working with unprivileged children and have started applying. Would like to meet new people to show me around. I am young and I enjoy going to bars, coffee, fitness clubs etc..  :)

Welcome to Nairobi!  You can look up or call me on 0772428621.

         Be careful con artists are all over.

welcome to nairobi.maybe we can do lunch one day soon

Im a teacher in nairobis eastlands. its an area so much in need of your service. email me on jamesngera[at]

i work with children u can call me on 0722-210309 cheers and warm welcome...Karibu!

hi pl connect

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Good morning and welcome to the beautiful city of Nairobi :)

Let me know if you would like to meet up for a coffee sometime.

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