No Iqama after 3 months of stay.

Good Day colleagues, I am an Filipino Engineer who arrives in the kingdom last September 17, 2014. I will complete my 3 months of stay in 13 days but I still don't have my Iqama and I believe that is not even under processed yet. After two months since arriving, my fellow Filipinos and other nationalities who came here same time with me, received their iqama and that time only our HR personnel realized that I should register first to Saudi Council of Engineers as prerequisite for my ID process because I have an Engineer's Visa. I uploaded my documents immediately and completed process on that day except for paying the necessary bills because it should be paid through SADAD. I gave them money to pay for me together with the SADAD bill number but until now they still not doing anything about it.

Now I guess I will passed my 3 months period and still my iqama is not processed because our HR personnel are all locals and seems that they don't have any idea of what they are doing and don't even care if it will be a problem or not.

My questions now are:

1. What will happen to me after staying more than 3 months? Can I stay more than that? I ask everybody in our office but nobody can give me a clear answer.
2.  I am now upset with my company system. They cannot do anything even with this important documents. Can I transfer in other company even our company is under Green status?
3. Should I report to Labor Ministry regarding this after I exceed the three months period or I will wait what ever may come?

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Now, now... Let's not be too hasty on blaming your "local" HR reps about the delay in your iqama. There are new regulations in the Kingdom, and there are many engineers experiencing some degree of inconvenience related to the new regulation.

Now, the new regulation requires that prior to the issuance of your iqama - since your work visa indicates you are an engineer - you need to apply first for your membership in Saudi Council, which is the equivalent to your home country licensing body. Only when your Saudi Council (license) Card is issued can you proceed to the application for your iqama.

The Saudi Council registration may take time. There are many factors involved, all causing the extended amount of time needed to issue your Saudi council, which are as follow:

1. The software system (program) is new. There could be some glitches.

2. The first step in the Saudi Council membership is the VERIFICATION of your records, whether the certificates and your CV you submitted online are true and correct. This process can last up to a month, depending on how quick they can get hold of your school or your previous companies to verify the details on your certificates.

Oh by the way, you need to pay first the verification process before it can actually begin. Since you don't have an iqama, arrange with your company to pay the bill online using their credit card. When the payment is received online, you will receive a notification via sms and email that the payment has been received and that the verification process has started. It may take up to a month.

3. Only after the verification process can you proceed with the registration per se.

4. Once the registration is done, your credentials (as far as I know) will be linked to the Saudi Ministry of Labor to issue your iqama. This part here is what I'm not sure of the process.

So given your scenario, I doubt you are to get your iqama any time soon without your Saudi Council (license) card.

What can happen?

As long as you were able to comply with the requirements of Saudi Council, you and your company should be off the hook legally speaking. Just make sure to receive your salary in cash, as you are unlikely to be allowed to make any bank transactions. Hospitals are likely to deny you any health care services unless it is an emergency.

I want to know ,i crossed that 90 days in saudi with out ,my company still dont provide iqama ,
in that case , I have an offer from other company in saudi .can i transfer me to that company ? if i can ,kindly provide how to do ,  \

thanks in advance

Bro after 90 day period, your stay become illegal in saudi. Go to labor court, if you company does not provide you iqama. this is your legal right

Hi sir,
I want to know  i had comeplete here more than 5 months and still i didnt get my iqama i have medical insurqnce which have iqama no. I check that is valid for  one year, but it is not in my hand yet i aske my hr many times he is not responding well just like wait untill come.
So what should i do for ths matter i m in trouble now.


We have the same situation,Did you get your iqama?Its my 7 month now.


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