General Question about Land Prices on the Hills of Lovina

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this.

The wife and I are thinking about building a house and settling in bali for a while. We did some research and we have come to the understanding that we would technically not be able to "own" anything. We are fine with that. I am sure there is plenty of work to be done on our part, but we would like to maybe get an idea about the prices of land in that particular area of bali.

Any input would be appreciated;

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Keep your eye on this bi-monthly publication, The Bali Advertiser, as there are always real estate ads within it:

Much appreciated, we looked through it (Nov 26 2014) . there doesn't seem to be anything mentioned about that area. All we could find was listings in Singaraja.

Just Google "Land for sale Lovina Bali" and you'll find quite a bit.

But, since you're already here on Bali, the best thing to do is to grab a good Balinese driver and look around the area asking locals of any land for lease.  Word of mouth is most always where the best deals are to be found...a principle I've been operating with for nearly 17 years.   ;)

We appreciate the advice. Thank you very much for your follow up on our inquiry.

- Geoff

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Hi rolfswiss,
Sent msg.

voz :

Hi rolfswiss,
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Forget it.
Foreigners can't buy land legally here and by doing so your property would be open to confiscation by the government with no compensation for your loss.

That doesn't apply to foreigners with an Indonesian spouse who have a prenup stating the foreign half has no rights to joint property.

Thanks Fred, i am aware of the property law and its application towards foreign land ownership.

Apprecite your reply


I love Lovina and that whole region north of Singarara is really lovely. Haven't been there recently but will try to visit it next time I am in Bali.

Anybody knows someone who wants to build a house near Balangan?
as Ubudian said, word of mouth!  although this is a shot in the dark..

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