Black River Moms Group ??

Hi all,

I'm looking for a mom's group or children play group in Black River,I'm in Flic en Flac, I'm a qualified childcare worker and mom of 3, I'd like to organise the playgroups but don't know if there's an existing one...

Thanks for your answers...

Hi, im in La Gaullette with 3 children 2,depending on days/times I'd be interested !I'm really missing out children's clubs we had in England! How old r ur kiddies? Mine r 12,8 and 2

Hi, I'm missing them clubs too...
kids are 8 yrs girl and twins b + g  2yrs.
So maybe we could start one with our kids then ? You're quite far though...How about catching up somewhere someday ? PM me so we can arrange something !


Hi I am new to Tamarin/black river(and Mauritius for that matter).I have 2 boys 5 and 3.We are missing friends,playgroups music classes etc.So please let me know if you ladies meet up or find a playgroup or would be interested in a coffee and a play.Thanks Tera

Hello there,

would be a pleasure to meet, after xmas ?

let me know, i'll pm you my cell num, you can call me no probs. I can host too...I live in Flic en Flac.

See you soon,


I need mums's help. I live in the north. i am not married and no kids but my big sis is visiting Mauritius with her kids from Korea. My niece is 8 and nephew is 6. They are staying with me for one month from 30th of Dec. of course I will take them to all the sight visit spots and excursions  in Mauritius. For me it is easy cause I have tour operating business.  But I also want to give them some kids program and activities. It would be good if i can bring them to the gathering whenever you have! And please do advise me where I should take them to learn english or any interesting programs for kids that they can enjoy with other kids. In the north will be perfect but other area is also no problem.
Thanks in advance :thanks:

We have hust recently moved to Tamarin and I was just wondering if you started a little group? Or still thinking of one? I am definitely keen. I have a 10,3 year old and a 4 month old.
Keen to meet other moms!

Hi Shenou

Have you organized the play group yet? I live I black River, just moved to Mauritius three month ago. I a mother of 9, 2 and expecting a baby girl coming in mid of May. Please let me know.

Hello mums,
I'd love to start a mums group meeting over at my place, once a week. Was thinking Friday mornings. Let's say next Friday 24th, I'm in fflac so hope you can all get here, let me know.


Hi Shenou,
Moving to Flic en Flac this weekend and keen on a local playgroup. I'm mum to a 5yr old boy,3 yr old girl and a one yr old boy. 24th of this month is not suitable but anytime after that is great. PM me if you like ;-)

Hello all ! Not many responses for tomorrow... But for those interested, I'll be in the kids playground Cascavelle mall tomorrow afternoon at around 4pm with my 3 children so feel free to join us there.


Hi Shenou,
My hubby,myself and 2 kids will be there tomorrow. We move to f en f on Sunday and we'll be there until Dec 2016. Looking forward to meeting new people.  ;-)

Hi there my husband and I are moving to Black River at the beginning of next year. We will have a new baby and I would like to join a moms group of some sort. Anyone who can help with some info?

Many thanks

Hi, my husband and I moved to Tamarin in early October with our 22 month old daughter. Did your play-group come together? I feel that my daughter would like to play with other kids and I am missing the "Mummy Community" from the UK! We considered a creche, even started with Tiny Tots, but as she has never been to day-care, it was a tough adjustment and we decided to go back to private care.

I'd like to meet other parents in the Tamarin / Flic en Flac / Black River area!


Hi everyone,

I've recently moved to the Tamarin area with my partner and 10 week old baby girl. Would love to meet some people in the area and wondered if anyone would be interested?

Hope to meet you soon.

Jen :)

Hi Jen.

It would be great to meet up with some nice mums and Babys.

My little once are Girl 3 Years and Boy who will turn 2 in January.

Have a nice Day.


Hi there,

I have attached 3 year old and 7 month old and would be interested in joining a playgroup, mums get together. Based in Flic en Flac.

Let me know of the next gathering or if we can organise one before Christmas.


Hi everyone, I'm looking for pre school for my 3 years old girl in Tamarin and Black River area. I have seen Tiny tod and the other one I don't remember the name but near by London way. I didn't satisfy with them because of the hygienic was poor. And staffs were not paying enough attention to kids. Do I expect too much?

Can anyone recommend me the good school? That you happy with.

Thank you very much

hello everyone !

i am mili from coromandel. i am mauritian (speaking english, french and creol), married. i have a 6.5 years old son and a 3.5 years old daughter. would be very interested to join the group !!!!

Hello all,

I'm in black river. Desperately searching for clubs for my 6 year old! I think she is craving other children's company! I have thought long and hard about starting up a kids holiday club and soft play , so interested parties feel free to let me know!

Until then, how about some play dates?

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