Average living cost in Osaka/Kobe

Hi everyone, I saw a forum post about living expenses in Kanto region (and more specifically Tokyo) that was really helpful (

It would be great if someone could write something similar on living in Osaka or Kobe!

What type of life can a single person live (who is happy to share an apartment, provided they have their own room) for ¥200,000 a month.

Hello Oreste,

I hope you found the information you were looking for since your original post was just about 2 years ago.

As for the Osaka area, with a budget of ¥200,000/month, technically you can live anywhere you would like. It would depend on your area of preference. If you use the train or subway daily, which station would be most convenient, and other factors will come into play as well.

I did a quick search of monthly rent between ¥150,000 - ¥200,000.
The room sizes ranged from roughly 50 square meters to the largest room of 120 square meters (this apartment is an older building. Construction completion was 30 years ago).

The floor plans range from 1LDK (one bedroom) to 4LDK (four bedroom).

I'll focus on the central part of Osaka city; Chuo-ku and Naniwa-ku. If you're looking for a newer apartment building, the average rents in Chuo-ku, Naniwa-ku for ~30 square meter 1DK or studio type apartments are between ¥70,000 and ¥90,000. Chuo-ku is a little more expensive than Naniwa-ku.

2LDK and 3LDK apartments will be around ¥140,000+

Newly constrcuted apartment buildings:
In Naniwa-ku: 2LDK+, 60 square meters and larger will start at ¥140,000.
In Chuo-ku: 2LDK+, 58 square meters and larger will start at ¥148,000.

I understand this isn't as detailed as the forum posted about living expenses in Tokyo. It was just a general overview of rental costs in Osaka city.

I do know cost of living in Osaka is a bit cheaper compared to Tokyo.
I will most likely post a cost of living overview of Osaka in the near future if no one has done so already.

If you have any questions, let me know!


Hi Mike!
Thank you for you information! Very useful for me! There is really few data that explain about live cost in Osaka and Kobe.

Really looking forward for your post regarding live cost in Osaka!

Warmest regards :)

Hello Agrii,

I wrote a renter's guide in my blog. If you want, you can take a look.  It is a two part guide.


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Here is an update for the average cost of rent in Osaka and Kobe.

Using data from Kinki Reins between April and June of this year. The data between July and September hasn't been published yet.

Osaka - ¥2,005/square meter
Kobe - ¥1,850/square meter

These prices are for steel reinforced concrete apartment buildings.

I also have data for the average cost of rent/ square meter by wards in both Osaka and Kobe cities.

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