Want to recommend an all-rounder Jakarta driver

My husband and I lived in Jakarta 2008 to 2012. Throughout this time, we were blessed with a great guy as our driver, Pak Sjaiful. But to call him merely a “driver” does not justify his skills and capabilities.

Pak Sjaiful was given tasks that required a high level of trust and responsibility, which he accomplished above and beyond his official role. From looking after our visiting friends and family while we worked to acquiring specific tools or items for the home or office, he accomplished it all above and beyond his official role. At various points in his career with our family, he was even entrusted with managing other staff.

At the time he left, which was when we returned to Singapore, Pak Sjaiful had grown into a multi-talented employee who is able to fulfil his duties independently.

When Pak Sjaiful worked with us, his grasp of the English language was more than substantial for us. He may be a little rusty now but we are certain that it won’t take too long for him to get up to speed again.

Pak Sjaiful had recently reached out to us saying that he is now available for employment again.

Given the above experience of being Pak Sjaiful’s past employers, we are confident that his future employers will find it a joy to work with him, too.

If you wish to get in touch with Pak Sjaiful, kindly PM or write to me for details.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I suspect you were a very good employer, as well as him being a great employee.

There are several threads requsting drivers, I'll bookmark this so I can find it next time one comes up.
perhaps you could PM his number to me.

Dear Mas Fred

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, please bookmark this and should there be a chance for Pak Sjaiful to work with a nice family, why not? I will PM you his details shortly.

I'll send you PM.  Thanks, YC

@ mukilteo > It would be best if you can share information with everybody here on the forum, instead of sending a PM. :)

It would be great if you can also introduce yourself as you are a new member here.



mukilteo :

I'll send you PM.  Thanks, YC

Pm responded. Best wishes.

I need a drver. Tx.

May i hv drvers hp number?

sodimple :

May i hv drvers hp number?

Hi there, I have sent you a PM. Best of luck to all parties!

Hi please advise if he is still available. If yes please let me know his contact

Kim Coolen

Hi Kim

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