Oman medical exams

Hi, am an ent surgeon.. I have 5 years experience as a gp but have 2 months experience as a surgeons.. Working in India now.. How can I work as a surgeon in Oman..wat is the exams that I have to write.. Is 3 yr experience after MS required for writing moh Oman... Is there any other exam which I can write to work as specialist in oman

Hi.. If you want to work in Oman u need to clear an online prometric exam, which can be taken from any prometric center in the world, and a viva at the Ministry of Health, Oman at Muscat. You can apply for the prometric by yourself but for viva you can apply only through a sponsor, which can be any govt or private set up. With less than 3 years experience post MS, you can write the exam but you will only get a Junior specialist licence, which means you cannot do surgeries independently, though you can see OP patients. Your GP experience will not count for specialist. If you have American Board or UK degrees you need not write any exam!!!!!!!

Thanks mate... I think I'll work here for 3 yrs and then try... Can't think of sitting idle with out doing any surgeries

Hi kanannan.i an orthopaedic surgeon. My qualification is MBBS, D.ORTHO with 15years experience. I got an job offer fron an polyclinic In Oman as Orthopaedic surgeon. I can do all fracture fixations.
I should  go or not.
when asked polyclinic people they told that they r goining to have an small ot.
They told me to clear prometric exam and they will send me an visiting visa.
they alredy sent me contract papers&appointment letter.
they write in the contract I have to work as gp also whenever management asks.
         Kindly suggest me.

Thanks for u r advice.yesterday only I cleared my prometric to get job in Govt hospitals in Oman where we can be in touch surgeries.
This polyclinic people paying me salary1500 OMR of an specailist and family accomodation too.that they told that its new management and they have to improve their in india lots of competion among orthos and ina towm of 3lakh population we have 32 orthos and big govt.genneral hospital of medical college.thanks.

Sir I am having difficulty in downloading the the letter of authorization for data flow omsb can please help me through.

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