How to send money from india to philippinea

Any one who knows how to send money from india to philippines..please reply asap :)

money transfer

in details po.. Thanks  :)

You could try western union. They seem to be in many countries now.

Any option?

Western Union or from your Paypal going to your recipient's bank account.

how much is the minimum money have to send po?

Pamo if haven't find answer on how to send money from India to Philipines, Please just inquire with your local money transfer agent they will be able to assist the surely have offices in India.

You can google it. There are several ways.  It will charge you around $5 and you can send upto $2999.00 to several leading bank account in philippine like BPI and BDO etc. Someone in philippine must have an account in one of the thise listed banks and rest is easy.
I hope you would have an indian bank account or may be you can use your bd account to send money.
Try the website.

If you have citibank account and beneficiary bank is also citibank you can do Citibank Global Transfer.. fot free domestic or international. Response time is 2 to 3 business days. Or you can do wire transfer.. Go online banking with your bank in India or visit branches in India.

Or do the paypal, western union or money gram.

hi pamo..please provide me your email address so i can help you transfer money from india to philippines.

Why do you need yo ssk for an email? You can send private messages here and its an easy instructions that you can provide. A lot of options first go to your bank in india and do the wire transfer ( that is if you don't go online banking)

Options are:

Wire transfer
Western union
money gram
pay pal
and more...!!!

Hello vijaykumar1975,

How about you share this information here on the forum so that other members can benefit from it as well?

Shaazia Team

I am in Philippines and have Indian money but here I need Philippino peso. If interested, we can exchange.

Sure, My flight will be in March 05, When we can exchange? and How much is it? PM me

Pamo :

Any one who knows how to send money from India to Philippines..please reply asap :)

Moneygram seems to be very big in India, and works well for the Philippines where the remittance can be collected almost anywhere that they have Padala offices. And they seem to be everywhere.
Search "moneygram and padala" to see more details.

Any time. Right now I have Rs. 57,000/-. You may please email me at friendfor54[at] for further communication in the matter.
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I'm also in need of sending money from India to manila. I tried all the online forex. Either they ask US or UK card or address. I've enquired local , western union and money gram. all have only receive option and no sending options from india to ph.
I'm disappointed very much. Please help me .

I need to pay some money in India and in exchange can pay in peso in Philippines. If interested, reply me immediately.

Hello Selva85,

Read carefully the older post, I think there is already the answers to your question.

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hi guys,

There is no any easy option to transfer money from India to Philippines. If you go by wire transfer and you have to fill up answer on bank form. Just & Just one only option is "HAWALA" process.

For Hawal i can help you but require big amount. You can seach on google that what is Hawal?

thank You!!

Hi Selva85,

Regarding PH Money Transfer did you solve issue? TNX

Dear Pamo,
Did u find any solution for sending money from India to Philippines?If so  pls advise me too.

How much do you want to transfer? I can help you.


Western union can send money

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