Outdoor Fitness - Parks or Public areas around Sliema?


Does anyone know of any outdoor parks or public areas around Sliema that would be suitable for holding exercise sessions? I am a PT moving to Malta in March and am looking for space to take one to one and small group sessions.

Also does anyone know of a sports store that sells equipment such as boxing gloves, pads, exercise mats? In the UK stuff like that can be picked up really cheap, just wondering if Malta has anything similar or whether it's best to try and bring what I can and get the rest online when I'm there.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!



If you can find any public open spaces in Sliema now, there is a good chance when you are here in 5-6 months time, it's been built on and you find some empty shops plus a lot of empty office spaces and vacant flats - OK this wasn't too serious...

Imported goods are more expensive here. Take your time over the next few months and buy all you need on the cheap on ebay, January sales, bankrupt stocks etc and bring over with your own belongings.

If you're near London, this company maybe of interest I haven't used them so don't personally recommend them - just saw their adverts.

Good luck with your new venture next year.

Have you been to Malta previously? I would also suggest that if you are considering making this move and earning a living by this that you carry out a 'due diligence' extended visit first. You will then be able to find out for yourself if your plans are viable and maybe save yourself some disappointment or alternatively build up contacts to help you.

Thanks for your help, yeah I think it's best to stock up in the new year!

I visited recently to get a feel for the place and look at finding a venue to train clients, I think I've secured some indoor space but have just been looking at outdoor areas as well but sure I'll find something. I think it will take time to build up a client base so I'll make sure I've got enough money to live on comfortably for at least 6 months. If I've got know where in those 6 months though then I'll no it's probably not going to work out. In the UK I've built my business up to training around 40 regular clients a week so hopefully through promoting my business pages, websites and word of mouth I'll be able to build it back up in Malta. It's a risk but I'm willing to give it a shot!

Thanks for your help.


drew333 :

It's a risk but I'm willing to give it a shot!

Who Dares Wins  :top:
Per Ardua.

Hi Andrew,

40 clients a week breaks down to 6 to 8 a day depending on whether you count a 5 or 7 day week ! Will they all be in one town or will you have to travel ? That can take a lot of time ......

Are you really sure that you have done your market research ?

I don't think that finding nice outdoor spaces for training will be a problem in Malta. I can give you as many locations as you want depending on you needs. Countryside or beach - you choose. Except on rainy days.


Hi Ricky,

Many of my sessions are run as small groups as well as one to ones so I don't actually take 40 sessions per week, I would be exhausted! I should of made that clearer in my post. I would hope to build up to at least 20 sessions per week including some boot camp style training. I'm also a Pilates teacher and boxing instuctor so I can offer some specialist areas of training. My intention is to be based in Sliema with an indoor venue to take sessions but some nearby outdoor spaces would be great to have as another option.

Thanks for your help!



Hi Andrew,

no problem.

Even in Sliema there are quite a few outdoor locations apart from the beaches.

From my morning walks along the seafront I know that many of your potential competitors stage their activities on the rocky beaches ( Yoga, Tai Chi , Kettle bells and so on).

Even the AFM and boy scouts have their boot camps and training events there.


Hi Andrew. 

I'm moving out this November was just wondering how you got on  I'm fairly big into the fitness game however I'm not looking to do and PT just looking at the best gyms and fitness areas.

Hi Phil, there are loads of gyms about some are quite small but have what you need. I use a few around Sliema/st J for working and my own training. Some of the ones I've used are Neptunes, Fitness Point, Reflex fitness, Westin workout, they all have Facebook pages etc, to check out. I train at a boxing gym in Hamrun and also do kettlebells at a place in St Julians so can give you more info if you're interested.

Thanks Andrew. Yeah as much info as possible would be great. Prices. Venues etc I've been out there many times over the years but I've not ventured into the gyms. I do a lot of training and I don't want to stop once I arive. How have you got on since you got there?

Hi Drew!
I am arriving next Thursday Oct 13 staying until Jan 2017, and I love to work-out a lot, did you manage to set up the outdoor fitness? Or do you know anyone that does?

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