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I have two phones, one a cheap, nasty little Nokia, the other, a Samsung S5; both use Telkonsel SIM cards.

I use Telkomsel because the coverage is good, seemingly regardless of where I am, but they spam the merry crap out of me.
The small Nokia only gets the advertising stuff, but I can block that directly from the phone, so no problems.

The smartphone gets three lots of Telkomsel toilet fodder:

Lots of SMS regardling total crap special offers I have absolutely no interest in, all from a couple of numbers that are SIM card numbers, so won't block.
Loads of SMS from the top up "check data" number - I can't block this because the useful notifications came from there. Most of this is telling me I'm not using the data at night - I won't because I turn the phone off.
These first two are so common, I keep having to silent my phone as they disturb various meetings and other stuff.
Telkomsel divert my web searches to one of their pathetic, no, moronic advertising sites.

I've allowed the data to run out and fully intend to go to Telkom's office when I can with the intention of telling them to stop their stupid spam, or waive bye bye.

Question is, if I do that, can anyone suggest another supplier that doesn't send all the crap?

(I'm really miffed at Telkomsel)

Network 3 is great if the coverage is there, little sms spam and the internet is very fast. 1.25gb for 50k. I have been using it for years and have none of those issues.

I had 3 network coverage issues in some of the areas I go to a lot, but that was a few years ago, so they may have got better.
I know I'm sick of Telkomsel, so it has to be worth a go.

Any other suggestions?

lukereg :

Network 3 is great if the coverage is there, little sms spam and the internet is very fast. 1.25gb for 50k. I have been using it for years and have none of those issues.


I kept the Telkomsel sim in my small phone, but took your advice and tried 3's always on system in the smartphone.

The difference is shocking in a very positive way:
I hardly get any spam at all from 3
The data is running about about 1gb per month, even though I'm using it a lot more than the TKS that was taking 2gb.
The speed is easily enough to run Skype, but youtube buffers a little from time to time.
No set time period to use the data you bought and the same applies to pulsa.
Rp50k/year and it's alive without interruption.

I bought a windows tablet, so added a 3 sim to that in order to keep me independent of hotspots.
I changed from Bolt's service to a an external modem on this computer, also using a 3 always one sim.
That and the smartphone have been used in Jakarta, Tangerang, central Java and Anyer areas, all working reasonably well, but coverage outside the larger towns can get dodgy.

Thanks for the suggestion Luke, it's working very well and I can recommend it to other forum members in their coverage areas.

Ah, I am going to back track some what now. Since all my phones and gadgets are 4G I have gone back to Telkomsel because their network is excellent across  the city, up in Puncak and in Bandung. I still use my 3 SIM for banking and bits but the 4G speeds from Telkomsel are great. I have been getting 20mps download and 8mps upload which is far faster than bolt.

Telkomsel had a promotion last month 17gb for 100k which was great and I purchased a new SIM card this week end for 45k which came with 5G of 4G speeds.

3 is good but the service is really patchy around my house so with what I have now I can't complain (I will but not as much!)

I still have the TKS sim in my small phone, and it still gets spammed to death when we go out and you get at least 3 spam SMS every time you top up.
That and I don't make many calls/sms as I tend to use whatsapp/line and skype far more than traditional calls so pulsa (Phone credit) builds up that I never use since I stopped using their data services.

Time for a change for me because time moves on, and so do the offers.

Bolt are now doing a true unlimited no quota package.
You can start from scratch with a new bolt mifi, or upgrade your old unit to unlimited.
The ads ask for payment by credit card, but you can also pay 12 months in advance.
These packages are idea for heavy users such as my wife who likes streaming video and my son who plays online games for hours.

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