where can buy Christmas tree, some decorate.

Dear all, in HCM now where can buy Christmas decorations.... Christmas tree, sock, snowman..Thanks.....

You can buy these things on Vo Thi Sau st and Hai Ba Trung st

You can go any Church near your place, they also sell them inside of the Church

Some of the Christmas fir trees in the tropics have branches whose 'needles' are vertical, as opposed to the horizontal ones found in more temperate climbs.

Spruce tree needles are Square, Sharp, Stiff, and grow in a Spiral. Fir tree needles are Flat, Friendly, Flexible, and grow for the sky.

Essentially there are three types of conifers determined by their foliage or needles. The first type is plants that have individual needles growing on stems; Spruce and Fir trees fall are in this category. The second group is plants where the needles grow in bundles; pine trees follow this pattern. The third is plants with overlapping scale-like foliage; Junipers and Arborvitae are in this type.

They sell coloured strings of lights on Ly Truong Kiet, Quanh 10, HCM. They also sell those 'dripping icicle' lights.

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