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Hi there I have an opportunity of moving over to Jazan for work but would be looking at taking my wife and daughter with me too. I am looking for an info on the area? and also on accommodation in the area i.e. is there compounds etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Depends which company u work with
its on the red sea near to yemen border

hi it would be with saudi aramco at the petrol refinery near Jizan

U r working in the best company in saudi
every thing is great
u will enjoy and save lots of money
cause nothing in jizan to soend ur money

andyeadie2004 :

hi it would be with saudi aramco at the petrol refinery near Jizan

As of now everything is in the developmental stage. Families of the Aramcons stay at Khobar/Dhahran and the employee works 5 days at Jazan and 2 Weekend days with family. I really doubt if there are any western compounds or good schools available. However, Aramco is doing a huge and I Mean really huge investment in that region ( try to google JAZAN Economic zone), so probably few years down the line it will be the most sought after place for the expats. Good Luck

Hi I statyed there 3.5 months in 2012. if it's the refinery in Jizan city(note there is also Jizan development city), you should check with Aramco. as far as I know and I'm 100%sure from my last trip to jizan last week. There is NO COMPOUND, but Aramco usually provides best accommodation for expats, thus you need to check out with your soon-to-be employer.

Jizan used to be most backward area among cities, but now is booming. There are also New hotels thesedays including Marriot Courtyard and Best Western which were quite unlikely 2 years back :)

You will have piece and quiet out there while saving money and a bit bored.

did you manage to move there ?

thespacian :

did you manage to move there ?

I have heard that all the big projects have been stalled. Just for info.

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Andy, If you're American you'll understand this. Jizan is like going to Tijuana from San Diego. It's sort of half Yemeni by nature. No compounds Ive ever heard of no schools I'd ever send my kids to. Its definitely not Khobar or Riyadh or Jeddah like. It's very isolated. You go there and work and if you're working for Aramco the guys I knew down there all flew out every weekend back to civilization for the weekend. There's massive development occurring there but it's just that development. It's not developed yet and wont be for some time like 5 years or more.

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