I Want to Move in UAE, I am From India.

Actually I want Move UAE  But I haven't accommodation here, and have no idea about rent or expenses. Can you please tell me what things are more important, when I move there.

Rents are expensive here.. for a single working lady you can have a studio or one room in a shared flat not less than 2500 AED per month..If you consider the bed space (single room will have more than 1 bed) you may get it cheaper say 800 to 1000 AED but will be compromising on privacy. All other expenses are normal.. food and commute is cheap..good luck.

Thank you Ykhan

Hi Sudha,

The major expense will be on accomodation.
The rooms are very expensive. however some people go for sharing in rooms and also go for bed space or partition.
The cheapest bed sapce/ room sharing may cost in excess of AED 900.
Single room may be around 1500 AED in main abu dhabi.

For more information or exact question you may contact me

only accommodation is expensive. rest is OK.

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Good luck.

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