Taekwondo in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Hello all,

We have a wonderful opportunity to offer TKD classes by a 7th Dan on Riyadh Village Compound. I'm trying to see if I can generate enough interested to make this class happen. We have already been approved to have the courses but want to let the instructor know if there is enough interested to make the classes happen. Let me know here or via email: nlhcw[at]


Hello Nicole'

You could drop in an advert in our section Sports classes in Riyadh to better spread the word and increase your chances to find interested parties.

Kenjee Team

I will do that. Thank you!

Hi Dr. Nicole,

Are these classes still running ?


Hello, yes, the classes are going to go. I'm waiting on the istructor who in charge of the Saudi TKD team to give me a start date. Right now we have about 30 people waiting. I'll post an update here as soon as I hear from him.


Yes, email me at xxx and I'll send you the information.


Hi. I´m also interested. Will send you a mail too:)

Yes, please email me at nlhcw[at] and I'll send you the information and form.

Thanks, Nicole'

Hi Nicole

I have 6 people who are interested in joining your training sessions. Could you please send me more information in regards to start date,  timings and prices.

Many thanks


Thanks for writing. TKD classes started today! The next class is Thursday and registration is still open!

Class days are: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday  from 7 to 8pm for ages 15 and older and 6 to 7pm for ages 14 and younger.

The cost is 550 SAR per person per month, which is a total of 12 classes per month. If you would like a registration form or additional information please email me at nlhcw[at] and I'll send you additional information.


Hi Nicole

Are there any facilities for children? I would like to join however I have my 1 year old son to take care of as my wife is at work sometimes. I was wondering if you had like a play Centre to keep my son occupied during the training session?



We don't have a play facility, however, I will be there. I homeschool my son who  will be in both classes for his training as he is a 2nd degree black belt. I have admin work to do in the beginning of class, fees and such but I'll be happy to watch him for you-bring him some toya.  He will still be able to see you. Other people have asked this question so maybe we will see about getting someone to do this for others attending class in the future. If you want to know more about me being able to watch your little one for an hour, just let me know.

Thanks, Nicole'


hello .. iam doting in taewkondo so i would like to knknow how can i apply and there is place to get to to know information ..
lovelu tebian

its kinna embarrassing  to ask after 6 long months..Is it still going on..... can i join???

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Hello, is this still on? What is the location please and contact number?

Hi, moving to Riyadh soon. Looking forward to this if it is still on.

Hi i want to know if its still on ?

Hi can I join the training? Is girl allowed to join? I'm a taekwondo player before in the Philippines I want to continue my training here in Riyadh. Can you give me some information. Thnx in advance

What is the age limit?

Can females join ? If they can then I want to join after my exams as soon as possible

Hello your email adresse us incorrect...
I cant send you à émail

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