Mobily vs STC for high speed internet?

mobily is excellent.

surprised !

I would say it broadly depends of ur location, for me STC worked much better than lame Mobily, also u need to check for that "fair usage policy".

Hi all,
Below might be of help to those who are not happy with their current service provider.
1. Wireless internet (3G / 4G) speeds depend greatly on the signal strength and its quality.
2. If using 3G network, change settings on your router to "ONLY 3G" and if using 4G, change settings to "ONLY 4G".
3. If on "ONLY 3G or 4G", there is no signal, service provider is not to be blamed. Please check regarding signal availability in your area before making final decision on purchases.
4. If signal is not blocked on "ONLY 3G/4G", it will keep hovering between various bands, thereby resulting in choppy speeds.
I have used Mobily 3G, STC 4 Mbps through landline and Mobily 4G in Jubail, now currently using Mobily 4G (same subscription transferred) in Jeddah. I may say that I have experienced good speed always in all 4 above situations, except once in a while (say once a few hours - 4 to 5 - every month) when speed issues are faced due to technical problems.
When I shifted to Jeddah, I found difficulty in locating good spot for Mobily 4 G signal, but since I had blocked the router on ONLY 4G, I knew where signal was good and where not. If I didn't block the router, it would keep changing between bands, thereby resulting in speed fluctuations. Usually lower band signals are stronger, thus if router is not blocked, it would tend going towards lower band and thus lower speed.
I am not posting technical details regarding blocking routers on a particular band, details may be found in respective User Guides.
I may post speed test result for my Mobily 4G 6 Mbps connection, if required. I do consistently receive speed of 5.9 Mbps. However, my Mobily subscription is about to end in a few months, and I am to decide on what to take next. I may renew my current subscription of 6 Mbps connection, but in case STC is giving better speed for almost same price at time of my renewal, I shall go for that. If STC 4G is really giving speeds of about 35 Mbps, as advised in one of the above posts, I shall surely go for that.

STC is best no matter where you live
MOBILY is worst no matter if it work fine for few hours in a month

I would consider that a personal opinion that Mobily is worst.
As I said, I receive steady speed of about 6 Mbps as per my subscription and that was in Jubail and is in Jeddah as well. It has worked consistently throughout over last 19 months for me in two locations.
Do the proposed changes to modem and then decide, it of course may be the case that STC signal is usually stronger than Mobily's, thus better coverage.

i respect your views despite disagreeing with it  ..... with all respect

mobily is by far the worse and go is no exception
i've subscribed to all isps except zain
they advertise unlimited internet like hell
but in reality its their marketing trick
if your daily bandwidth exceeds 1gb then thats it !!
you will be left with limited bandwidth usually 128kb lasting days instead of your original speed which you paid for..
gov. should take measures bcoz these companies are involved in huge scams
well thats another topic
ordinary people are mostly unaware

never subscribe to radio devices wimax, 3g, 4g etc at all unless you want to do extremely light browsing
always subscribe to wired networks like adsl or fibre optics etc for true unlimited internet

It depends on your location. However, I heard from my friends that STC has better signal coverage than Mobily.

I also wanna know which one is good as i am using Go but from last montha I am facing too much issue sometines signals are not coming someting server down.
I have decided for joodnet 2 but the issue is they soemtimes chnage your landline number is it true?

full na inbox mo...

Mobily is too bad, STC is good... Also if you have Fiber Optic in your area, go for it.

STC  :top:

Ur ryt


Guys with STC Fiber, How much upload speeds are you getting with 20Mbps download? Also, what is their fair usage policy for Jood Net? What If I download 500GB-800GB/ month? Will they cover it just fine?

Stc 4g is very good even stc 3g is better than mobily and zain 4g network.

I'm not sure about 20Mbps Connection, But i recently got fiber 2MBps Connection. Alhamdulliah, I have checked Upload/Download. it's always 2 or very close to it... I assume same should happen for 20Mbps.

I had both, the 4G STC is way better than Mobily 3G or 4G.

hi bro i play world of tanks at my laptop online game im using mobily sim internet but it gives me high ping like 240ms is stc sim better than that

no, they can not change your landline number like that
Jood for sure is good to have on your fiber to the home. i have been using for almost three years now, and working perfect.

Does Jood net at your house throttle speeds, or can you download for example 200+ GB per month without a problem?

Mobily is not Unlimited its limited.
The Mobily 4g gives 2gb  a day.
try Stc 4g its Unlimited.OR TRY Go 4g it also unlimited.

I've tried them all and to be honest neither mobility nor stc were my cup of tea ... Zain however has been giving me speed of over 40mbps even on Friday afternoons


Is Zain speed working perfectly in Al Hasa/Hofuf region? Right now I'm using Mobily with their Inifnity 60GB Package. Will have it for 6mos. The speed is consistent as long as you stay with the 2GB/day data cap which pisses me off. Because sometimes I need to download more than that for games or HD Movies et al. Planning to buy Zain with device for 850SAR 6 mos.

Look man STC because this is better than MOBILY because MOBILY 4G give 2GB a day and STC is unlimited.And NEVER TRY GO INTERNET because At the beginning it will work fine but after 1st or 2nd week you will get very very poor speed.So go with STC.

Are you getting 2GB a day?

I have purchased Go 4g 3mbps 12 months package.At the fisrst  week the speed was amazing but after 10 or 15 days the speed turned into 0.67mbps.

I got the same problem with mobily. It fast, but unfortunate, keeps dc every 2-3 minutes

Go Atheeb has the worst service possible. Please don't go for their service. Speed falls down very month for 3 weeks and all complaints goes on deaf ears. Plus their helpline is not toll free added to the woes is that their calls are full of disturbance and ignorant attendants.

i have an STC DSL and my lowest is 6.38 download speed
my highest is 20 mbps

Hi every one
I have stc 4g unlimited  for 3 months and i am using it inside a smart phone.
The problem i am facing is that....when i download a movie the avg speed is only 50kbps which is very less....but while playing on line videos/surfing i face no issues.
Can some body explain or advice to what can be done
Thanks .....waiting.....

I have used STC broadband over Fiber for three years in Riyadh Rabwah area. The only reason I have quit is is the terrible upload speed. It never went above 1mbps infact most of the time it remains .7 or .8 mbps.

This upload speed gives a lot of problem in all VOIP tools likes Cisco, Skype , gtalk etc and off course takes hell alot of time to upload files to dropbox or any other place.

I had also tried using STC Jood upload key... that is claiming to give you upload speed equal to almost half of your dowload speed and it charges 50 SAR monthly on top of your Jood Package. And sorry to say... STC upload key experience was very annoying and devastating. It took them 2 weeks to activate the upload key on my line and believe it or not there was no difference in upload speed at my end even after activation. 
I kept it trying for another week and then requested to un-subscibe from the upload key by the end of 3rd week after from initial request and guess what..... they kept on charging me for that service for another 3 months.

Beside the upload speed problem overall I was very satisfied with the download speed, customer service and response time (on any fiber cable or dis connectivity) problems.

Ok. Thank yuys for your suggestions. Now i know what i have to buy.

mobily, second is zain, third is STc, forth is Go

End of the day both are same (Via Fibre) just go for the cheaper option

If you are gonna being using those cellular ones, in that case, go for the one with the best reception in the area and the closer you are to the server the better.

I currently have zain. It's horrible!!!!

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