studying and working in latvia

hello friends, i am gehan from sri lanka and i hope to do my higher studies in latvia. so i would like to ask some questions from you to get an clear idea about studying and living there. here are my questions. :)

1. Normally how much a student can earn by doing a part time job?

2. How much will i have to spend for food and accomodation?

3. Can i buy cloths for cheap?

4. Are there any #latin_american dancing classes? (i used to learn latin dancing and wanna continue it there also)

5. How much will be the cost of gym per a month?

6. Can i travell to italy by train and how much will be the cost for tickets?


1. Knowing that you are outside the Union, not sure about work permits. But if you are allowed to work you will earn as much as anyone else and that depends on the work you do.

2. University dorms cost from 50 Eur a month for a shared room (Riga Technical uni.). When I studied I could live with spending 30 - 40 Eur a week, that is not much.

3. No, clothing is not cheap.

4. Yes, there are.

5. From 35 Eur a month. Might find cheaper, Rigas Stradina university has a small gym, but for free for their students.

6. Latvia is not connected to Raileurope. I the cheapest way to travel to Italy would be by plane.

thx KrisV :) ur post has really helped  me to get an idea about latvia life. Again thx a lot for being kind enough to reply me with a clear answer. :) :)

Hey gehan why you choosed Latvia as a Study destination???

hi abdul, actually i always wanted to persue my higher studies in a foreign country and i thought that it also should be a country from europe. but it wasnt always easy for me to migrate to europe bcz u have to show loadz of assets and must have pretty much money for that. but one day my aunt came to me and ask would u like to go for latvia for ur higher studies. then i asked, what? whats latvia? and then she helped me to contact with an agency which sending students for lots of foriegn countries. i went there and knew that its a really inexpensive programme with good standards :) from there i used internet to find out about latvia and there student life. i was pretty satisfied about the country and all the things there. Now im tryna get more details from this blog expat which is really helping me. and the special thing is i will get schengen visa which helps me to travel to 26 europe countries with a single visa. what else i want! i think i made the best decision in my life by choosing latvia to persue my higher studies :)

What did u find about student jobs??

my agency said that i can do part time jobs and they are gonna find them for us. and also said that an international student can work 20-35 hrs per a week. these hours can be differed. im nt sure about that. :)

Would the earnings will be sufficient for covering uni feee and cost of living!!

What is the name of the agency?

Dont waste time for latvia.this country the part of russia there is no work and latavian ppl dont like asian ppl.

well abdul i dont have any idea about how much we would earn and the cost of living there. i have asked the same question above in my first post.

@ KrisV. its, G20 Overseas Higher Education Consultants

@KrisV, which is better between latvia and lithuania? :) which country has the lower living cost?


No significant difference between both countries. But if I had to choose, I would pick Lithuania. Average salary is lower in Lithuania, and theory says that correlates with prices. Lower wages -> lower prices. Groceries cost the same in both countries, transport and rent are cheaper in Lithuania.

In Latvia there is one big city Riga, in Lithuania they have Kaunas, Vilnius, Šiauliai. Riga in context of Latvia is more exclusive, than those three in Lithuania, that makes Riga more expensive than any Lithuanian town. Lithuania neighbors Poland, which is cheaper than these two Baltic states, and lithuanians tend to go there shopping. On 01.01.2015. Lithuania will join Eurozone (will change their national currency to Euros) and usualy prices tend to rise slightly when that happens.

I see G20 Overseas Higher Education Consultants is your local company, haven't  heard anything about them.

thx KrisV for ur great explanation.
yeah, G20 is a new rising company. :)

It is not a wise choice to come to Latvia.... It s really hard to find a job here. I have been here up to 12
months without earning a single euro. Because Latvian people don't like to give us work.and you should definitely speak  Latvian or Russian fluently . who is your agent? Food is cheaper but clothes are relatively expensive than other countries. Specially clothes.  Think twice before come to a country like this. Of course this is an European country. But you can't live illegally. Agents have no experience. they just want profit(money) . I experienced everything so far, Winter sucks. If your parents are able to provide your whole stay, then financial wise ok. yet the education is not very standard. not only that every year you have to provide a bank statement in order to renew the Resident permit and amount is around 5000-6000 euros.
you can obtain schengen visa. But it also pointless, you can't change schengen visa(visit visa type, just to visit other eu countries) in to any other visa type, If you leave Latvia and go to another country to live you will be an illegal immigrant. So think twice.

Oops! really?? where are you from men? sri lanka or india?? email me. gehan.kavinda1[at]

I already did know. i think you can figure out what you want.

Hello dimesh88,

   You and I are  the natives. Recently I was went to the seminar in SL which was conducted by SL agency called Grand Royal Education. They said we have lot of opportunities once we complete the study program @ Riga Technical University. Is that true ? For all the documentation and course fee can be cover  by 10 lacks. I have BSc (Hons) computing degree and interesting to do the masters in RTU.  My main objective is to find job after complete the studies.  Please tell me what's your current status on this regards ?


Hi Gehan,

I'm shanaka and from Sri Lanka, I also planing to move to Latvia for my higher studies and I have loads of doubts. Please give me some insight if you already move to there. Thanks.

how about language probs...

Hello friend i m also willing to fly to Latvia.. please tell me about studing and workng

Wy are you selected latvia for higher studies?
Do you have any specific purpose?
Who suggested you to go there?
In which university are you looking for?

I have choosen Riga Technical university for my masters.
I have chosen it’s less costly compared to other than European county and less entry barrier. By that mean before that i have got admission letter from German university, but unfortunately I didn’t get d visa.

And I’m planing to find job in one of the European country after I complete my studies.

I want to know is this possible??

Hi Bro,

I am planning to come to Study at TSI uni for Bachelors in Computer Science in Feb 2018. I have few questions.

1. After i came there my agent said that i can obtain the RP Card within one month then i can travel to Germany without any restrictions, (90 days stay) is that correct?

2. Actually latvia does't have job opportunities I knew it. my plan is go to Germany in my 3 months vacation earn some money. Is it possible? If I have my relatives.

Now are you at Latvinia? I am planning to migrate for studies there.I am a Sri Lankan.
Please clarify things to me.

Is there anyone who currently studying in Latvia ?

hi are you live in sri lanka or latvia..ple tell me latvia country..i hope to go to the latvia. so please give me details about country...

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