Young Saigonese girl love Vungtau and wanna move to settle her life :)

I'm a Seaman and I've been all around the world many times. 6 years ago I came to Vietnam (Vung Tau) for the first time and I fell in love with the town. I come from a seaside town in England and it just felt right for me. I have been here permanently for 4 years now. I have travelled extensively in Vietnam in those 4 years from Ca Mau in the south up to Hue and for me personally Vung Tau is the best place. Sure Nah Trang and Da Nang are nicer beaches but that's about it. They are full of tourists and the prices for everything are higher because of that. Vung Tau is still relatively unspoiled, you can find lots of great places to eat the freshest seafood you will find anywhere in Vietnam at the best prices. I've only eaten better crab in Bac Lieu. The Russian population are mostly working here and not tourists, everyone I've met has been kind and generous. There are a lot of expats here mostly Australian and British and all mix well with the local population. As far as jobs go, there is a heliport here for the offshore workers and a few foreign companies so if you have a good understanding of English you could find a good job no problem.

Hello Long Man.
You are really a real expert Expat. I has been traveling around Vietnam from Cau mau to HaLong also so i got very easy what u shared to me. You are right about the job demading, it s developing so they need more a dreamy girl, I just simply fall in love with the peacefull of the sea when sunset going, i enjoy looking at the little boat coming from the sea bring a lot of fish, crab, Shrimp and selling to every body. Sundy, and windy.

Unfortunately, finnally i think that place not suit to young people. I just came back from Germany, was staying some months and has decided to stay there, will go maybe in Oct stay for quite long time for studying and maybe live.

I put Vungtau in mind already for a day after coming back.

Thank you Sea man, you remind me well  about getting there for some weeks vacation before going.

Hope you got best one,  i am just new here also in vungtau,  and i love this place

I have been living here for 27 years. For me, it is great. It is full of fresh air, beach, ocean, quiet. Foods are various.

The only one thing is medical service is not good. You gotta go to Saigon if you have some heavy sickness.

Love it.

Anh Pham

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