Switzerland bank account - can i open an account online?

is there any bank in Switzerland where i can open a current or saving account online , (from aboard, without showing up physically?)

Banks needs to do their due diligence, they have security procedures in terms of ID and one of the main requirements before opening a bank account is that you must have a work permit if you are not a Swiss citizen.  Unless you are depositing millions then, surely Swiss banks may accommodate you with less restrictions.

Another way is to find a company or accountant that has a company in Switzerland, who can refer you, however, last time I checked there's a minimum of £25,000 deposit and that minimum must stay in your account, there's a substantial penalty fee if you don't maintain the £25K per month, not per year and you have no choice, you have to come to the bank in person to open it, for obvious reasons- ID verification i.e.: passport.


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