Any musicians out there?

I've been craving the jam sessions we used to have in the states. We had between 10 and 35 musicians who would gather to play music, mostly bluegrass, old timy, blues and folk. Are there any acoustic musicians out there who would like to get together, pick some tunes and tell PR stories? If your instrument is your voice you would be most welcome as well. I can sing leads but prefer harmony. I'm in the Naguabo area so all you rincon folks are a bit far away. However, I would be willing to travel over there a few times if we had enough people. Experience level is not important, it's all about that magic that happens when people make music!


I've been playing the piano for a long time. Back in Europe I played in some amateur bands, pop, rock, blues, jazzz.
I moved here back in 2001 without an instrument but a couple of months ago I bought an e-piano and when I have time I try to get my fingers to do what my brain wants them to do. ;)

I'd like to jam but my main problem is time. My small computer & network service company keeps me very busy lately and in my free time I'm trying to finish my new house.

Hopefully closer to Christmas work will be less and maybe we can meet on the Naguabo boulevard for drinks one day?

sounds promising, I have never played with a piano. Lets look towards Christmas!


I am a VERY amateur musician and have three ukuleles, which I am willing to share.  i used to attend acoustic jam sessions (guitar, banjo, ukuleles and other assorted instruments) where I lived in New York, and I miss this! Would love to get together.

I live in Arroyo right now and would consider hosting a jam session, if you want to make the trip.


Sounds good, how about we try to do something after Thanksgiving. We have some friends from the states spending a week with us and after that would be better. Have you heard of Little Rev? He is an awesome Uke player.



Don{t know Little Rev. I will look him up Know Jake and Izzy. My email is frogrock51[at] Let's do this!

I'm excited! I haven't jammed in so long I've forgotten half the tunes. I'll stay in touch. email is xxx


Can you teach 3 boys to play?  **

Hello 4miteshpatel :cheers:

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