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Hi there, It is really great to find this blog and get insights into the big move to Venice!  I just woke up recently and decided I will go and live and work in Venice for however long!  I have been there a few times and fell in love with it.
I will be looking for rental accommodation and yes work in Venice around San Marco....ideally:-) I am a beauty therapist,make up artist,  by profession with my own business so would like to continue that.  I am taking lessons in Italian now but I would love to know how good my prospects are to work right in Venice in a beauty department in sales.  Obviously I would have to have Italian or not?? Also is accommodation there frightfully expensive?
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)  Also as I am from Ireland I believe I can go work there freely but must report to police department after 3 months ti apply for permanent residency :unsure

Hello elsiefinn and welcome to :)

Hope that some expats over there will be able to help you out.

Kenjee Team

Thank you Kenjee very much.  I lived in Canada for 11 years myself so ask me anything you might need to know if I can help>


Hi welcome to Venice. Several of us English speakers have formed a group in Venice on FB and have get togethers. Lots of advice from people that have been here a while...let me know if you need help Mark (American)

Hi there,

Yes that is good to know.  What is the facebook group that I could join?



Expats in venice

Thank You.

Lorraine (Irish)

Hi Lorraine if you're settled with living around San Marco then I can maybe help with a couple of hours a day job.
Contact me (xxx)

You can find lots of nice and modern studios near to crown plaza hotel, near train station
You need to use 15 min train and 5 min bus to reach San Marco
It is better than living near San Marco

A11A :

You need to use 15 min train and 5 min bus to reach San Marco

You can't reach San Marco by train or bus.
From Mestre you can go to Piazzale Roma by bus, or reach the venetian railway station (Ferrovia) and from there you need 40 minutes of boat (vaporetto) to reach San Marco, or you can go by foot only (30-40 minutes, depending on your pace). To this you have to add the time from Mestre to Venice.
Anyway, accommodation in Mestre is cheaper.

I have just moved to Venice! How are you getting on?

Hi, just posted a question.

Just got back from Venice, and today it just hit me - how is goods moved around to shops, restaurants as well how furnitures are moved where there is no water way near.
Is things happening during late nights, early mornings? I never see any other means of transport as on water ways.

I hope someone have a answer on this maybe useless question (-:
regards Berniemobile

Hi this is the reason you pay more in Venice, for the hand transportation.
They do it mostly during the day, the boat arrives to the closest spot and then the muscled workers take it to destination.

Hi, thx for your quick reply- that was what I thought. It's funny with those islands (-:

On Phi Phi Island (thailand) goods to restaurants and shops as well tourists backpacks/suitcases moves around in carts . They have to the carts attached annoying  bicycle bells that they use in to absurdity. You are (almost) runed over by them several times a day.  Another island with special transportation is in Indonesia, on the island Gilli Trawangan outside Lombok (-: There they use a local pony with cart attached. The one is used as taxi both for locals and tourists as well transport heavy sacks of cement etcetera. If you been there you know.
Again thx for your info about Venice,

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