Looking for friends in Shanghai and roommates!

Hey guys!

I'm going to move to Shanghai in the end of January, so I would like to get new friends before, and also good tips on what areas in Shanghai that is pleasant?  and I would love to have different tips on restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and good shopping. Or if there is some fun attractions to do in Shanghai?

Looking even after roommates if there is anyone who has a free room ( in soon 1 or 2 )?

Feel free to contact me!  :)
/ Milou

Hi I'm Marta, I'm oroginally Italian but I was partly raised in the US. I've just moved to Shanghai (Honqiao Gubei area) I need to make friends too!:)

Hey girls, I just moved to Shanghai and I am dying to meet some new friends :)
I am from Slovakia, but I speak fluent english as my husband is american, I also speak german as we lived in Germany for 2 years before moving here. My husband works so I will be little boring :)  :D

The same here! I live around Gubei honqiao let s meet up!

Hello girls,

I'm from Venezuela I've been living in Shanghai 10 months, so if you want can add me on we chat and we can meet... Regi1409...

Hi Barbara, Im so bored too! wanna meet? Let me know! I live around Gubei Carrefour Honqiao

not sure you are coming to work ot study, but you are going to love the city, welcome!!

Hi! My name is Meg and I'm italian: this is my first experience in China so i'm little bit confused. I'm happy to meet other expat people here :)

Hello girls,My name is Tian and i'm from Thailand. Will be glad to know u girls and if u have any problems in Shanghai or Chinese,just feel free to contact me on my Wechat. ID:tiancheewc ;)

hi frns
  I am from nepal,now in working with company.
want open company in partnership can contact me

Hi there,
here it's Júlia from Spain.
Feel free to contact me in whatsapp and welcome to Shanghai!
0086 156 1836 5469

Hi Milou!

My name is Daisy and I am from Sweden, been living here for 4 months.
I have a couple of tips of where it´s nice to stay and go out, contact me on cellphone or wechat - that´s what everyone is using here.  WechatID: DaisyBengtssonLee, e-mail: daisy.b.lee[at]

When are you coming?

And it would be really fun to get to know all of you other girls, as well!

Hello Daisy,

How are you? I am looking for a friend in shanghai who can help me out when I am there. Please advice.

Welcome to Shanghai! ;)

hiya guys. just move to shanghai a week ago. would like to meet some new friends hanging out add me wechat: kevinskater

This a native person from Shanghai,we can make friend with each other

I am a student in Shanghai. Feel free if u think I can help u.

Hey people,

I am Samantha Sim, a newbies Malaysian that is currently living in Shanghai, hongkou area. just reached like 2 days ago.So, trying to make new friends in Shanghai as well!  I have been living in United Kingdom for the past five years, and I am a recent graduates, having internship here now! I will like to engage myself with some sports/outdoor activities/after work activities!

Drop me a msg +8613122452669, add me on wechatID - PeiHwa_33,Feel free to drop me a msg if anyone is interested in going out for any outdoor activities/after work activities yeah!

I wanna make friends~~~~


Hey all i will be moving to Shanghai in around a months time. Would love to meet some people and make friends i'm from NZ. add me on we chat. ccslider or Callum Innes thanks


Im Mikel, from Spain and I arrived one week ago to Shanghai! I live in Zhongshan Park area, close to Gubei. Im looking for new friends so if you want to go for a walk or something just send me a message!

See you!

Hey, nice to meet you!
At which location are you searching for a room and also what is your price range, maybe I can help.

Anyways, Shanghai is really easy to explore, you will get used to it in no time ;-)

Hi Guys,
Dont know if you still use this website since you all got new friends here but if you still do, I am new in town and i am looking to make new friends..Add me on wechat ashish_g4, So if you wanna meet me or something ,send me a message!

@ ashishgoel >

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Priscilla  :cheers:

:D  :D

Hi there

I have just moved to shanghai 2 days and looking for ways to meet other girl friends and explore shanghai bars and restaurants.

How are you finding it?

Louise x

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