Looking for beachfront in honduras for cheap under $200,000.

When buying on the mainland can a family leave the beach resort and going into town with little kids or best to stay on site at the resort?

I have narrowed it down to 3 beach resorts.
La Ceiba Beach Club - I like the houses I love the roof top terrace and on the beach :)

Trugillo eco beach development - condo on the beach :)

Palma Real Beach Resort - water park and my 8 year old son like mini golf :) but villas not direct beach front :(

All these places have good points has anybody had any problems at these places?

My business still hasn't sold seems people want it but they don't have the money. :(. But this has given me time to search the globe for discount beach front.

So far honduras is the cheapest I have found and has direct flights from Canada.  I am also looking at Florida but the taxes and insurance will kill ya.  Hawaii kicks @$$ but everything is expensive there. 

I am looking for an investment incase I want to sell in 20 years. I know honduras is cheap now and with a government change in the future with a real military/police force could make a serious change in real estate prices to skyrocket.

I have found the Dominican Republic to be not to much more than honduras so I am looking there also but not sure on the insurance and taxes.

What I need to do is go down to honduras and check out these 3 places maybe stay a few nights at each place then make a decision.

Also can I rent out on all of these properties?  The trugillo resort will be phoning me on Monday I will ask him all this crap.  Does anybody have any question needed asking I could ask then post back later?

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What is the price for a 3 bedroom  condo and what are the condo fees per month?   Taxes per year.  This looks good on your website. But do you have any beach pics?

Hello all

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The best to do is come down here and compare.  Let me know when you are coming down.

CesarLaCeiba :

I do have some nice beachfront lots in the east side of La Ceiba,  best place with better appreciation is on the east side, got lots for 55k, construction will cost you between 48 to 55 dollars per sq ft. Next to the Hotel Canadian, Villas Helens, Palma Real etc.

Do you have a few pics of the house built on your development?  Are you on we'll water?  What do you have for security.

Yes I will be going down there and I would like to narrow it down before I go.  Don't think I want to make 15 stops.  Kinda looks to be by boat is the safest mode of transport to check out all these beach resorts.  High speed boat would be awesome.

I wil send you picts of houses done, got some designs as well.  Water is from community, not well.

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Thank you !

Priscilla  :cheers:



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