New Member!!!! Expat's in Bergen (mummy of one needs advice)

Hi there,

  My name is Debbie and I am a mummy of a two year old girl and currently living in Nesttun near Bergen. I'm a stay-at-home mum whose daughter is now started full-time nursery and partner works in the oil and gas industry and is working full-time.

  It has been a bit of a shock as I now have lots of time on my hands and nothing to do, so any ideas from people in a similar situation would be great!

I was looking to start language classes soon but hopefully looking for reasonably priced or free ones but don't have an idea of where to look and I was also looking at some fitness classes (perhaps yoga) or to join a gym but I think it may be a bit lonely going alone. In the UK I would meet with friends and go walking or get coffee but i really don't know anyone here (apart from my partners friends, who are all male) .

I would love suggestions if possible so feel free to reply!

thanks x

Hello Debbie and welcome to :)

I invite you to drop in an advert in our section Language Classes in Bergen as well as Yoga Classes in Bergen to increase your chances to find a tutor for each class.

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Going to language classes offered by the municipality is often a great way to meet people. Joining clubs and societies can also be good. In Norway, people tend to socialise around events and activities.

Good luck,


There is a free online course for basic Norwegian language:

Hi Debbie,

I agree, it is not that easy to find people to 'hang out' with in Bergen. Most women here work during daytime and other expat parents socialise via work or their children's school. There are a few expat mums at the International school / barnehage so maybe you can get in touch with them? They have sometimes events so just turn up or give them a ring.
Maybe you can ask to enrol your daughter at their barnehage? Just an idea..

Good luck!

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