Relocating to KL: Need help with accommodation near British Int Sch


Currently living in Bangkok and will be relocating to KL this Dec. My kids are currently attending a British international school here in BKK in Y5, Y3 & Reception. I have chosen the British International Sch of KL for my kids - same curriculum for easy transition :) (got places for the two older kids) but still have no idea for accommodation.

Looking for a nice place to rent - any recommendations near the school, Bangsar or nearby areas?


Hello Beta

You could place an advert in our section Housing in Kuala Lumpur to increase your chances to find a nice rental.

Other sites like these may help too :

Kenjee Team

Bangsar is not convenient. Take a look at 9 Bukit Utama. Very convenient. Can also live in Mont Kiara if you like concete jungles. Bukit Damansara, Sri Damansara, Bandar Utama. Lots of choice.

Thanks K for the useful tip & links. Much appreciated.

:)  Thank you Gravitas for the help -  lots of choices indeed.


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I do have an apartment in Embassy View which is near to British international school. sayfoil and fair view international school. just about 3km aways from Petronas Twin Tower.

Do let me know if you need further info.


Embassy View is nowhere near BIS - think you are mixing it up with ISKL which is north of KLCC.  BIS is close to One Utama.

3 international schools there. ISKL,Sayfol,Fairview. no point to arguing here. he may search online and contact those schools for more information. ;)

ISKL (International School of KL) is a completely different school from BIS (British International School). Getting your facts right will help people who are arriving in KL and avoid confusion.

you can find accommodation around Ampang park LRT, near few Embassy also.
Let refer Damai 11 residence KL

I myself am looking and was searching at 9 bukit but someone told me there's nothing to do around there for families as it's mostly industrial, also that there aren't really any expat families there.. Is that accurate or have I been misinformed?


I suggest villa Wangsamas and near by two international schools
Sri utama
Furnish apartment available 3 bedroom plus living room -2bathroom, parking
Pm to me

Although its better known for being close to Alice Smith school, there is at least one BIS family in this upmarket , guarded, gated, 60% expat community:
KL is a great place to live - enjoy!

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Getting a flat in the Ampang area might not be so bad if you want some peace & quiet. It's close to the KLCC area and you would be living near nature (lots of green). Also plenty of expats. But the only downside is that Ampang is 30 mins away from the Brit International Sch. Would you be adverse to traveling?

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BU 1 / BU 9 condo nearby to the school.

TTDI / Bandar Utama - established area. Cons: no swimming pool

Tropicana / Mutiara damansara - landed properties with gated and guarded.

please PM me, I can assist & sharing my experience on house hunting in KL to you. :-)

For further information can visit "propwall".

BU9 resort type of condo. Very nearby to BSKL.

If you choose to live in Bangsar area, you need to leave the house by 7am before peak hour on LDP/Penchala link.

BU9 - have expatriate.

TTDI - most condos have expats.  We used to live in TTDI,  very convenient.

We've just moved here. Found a house in Damansara, its about 10-15 min to BIS. School starts at 0745, so traffic ok at that time of day. Good luck

We've just moved here. We're living at St. Mary Residences, KL. 2yrs old bldg. Nice, spacious & guarded. My daughter will also go to BSKL by Sep. Going there takes abt 20mins but aftr school takes longer due to traffic. :)

Hi! Please drop me email at xxx for more detail answer.

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Hi BulaGirl,
Just wondering if you've made that move to Malaysia....

What do you think of BSKL?

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Hi there,

We live in Mutiara Damansara, near the curve shopping centre. There's a cinema there, ice rink, loads of shops/restaurants and it's a 10 minute drive more or less to BSKL.

There are a number of places nearby to live - BU9 as mentioned is an option. If you are looking for a condo-type place - Surian Condo and Surian Residences are both good. The Residences is newer. Both have swimming pools, gyms, squash/basketball courts etc. If you are looking for housing - have a look at Mutiara Homes - not sure of availability in there though.

Hope that helps

I can recommend Villa Mahkota  Condo behind Menare Perkiso at Jalan Ampang nearby ISKL school. And very convenient for you and d kids.

Hi, we are to move from the UK to KL by August this year.  I came across st. Mary residence and it caught my interest (to rent) although my husband will commute to Bandar Sunway for work.  Have yet to figure out school issue for my 12 year old daughter.  Could you be kind enough to give some more info abt st. Mary residence and it's surrounding area.   My husband will be visiting KL later this month to sort out relocation issues.  We will have a better picture of where we can live etc after his visit to KL.  Thanks in advance.

Hi Beta

My daughter is in BSKL and we live in Damansara Heights. It takes us 10-15 minutes to get there. School starts early - 7:45-8:00 , traffic pretty light in the morning.

BU9 is very close to the school!

Good luck!

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Hi NKR78,
We are also considering British school for our daughter.  How do you like it? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I have read good reviews about the school.
Thanks . . .

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