Want to join a gym

Hey everyone,

I have officially been in Guangzhou for a week, and I am adjusted enough to want to start looking for a gym to join. Any suggestions? I am just looking for something that is relatively cheap and has clean facilities. Extra classes like yoga, spin, etc would be nice but not a determining factor :-)


I never think about joining a gym.. haha.. i'd rather doing the exercise by myself.

Yoga? oh girls like it... maybe you can find it in a fitness club... So many fitness club (chain management) in Guangzhou.

You can do it alone in a gym or say you would at home. JW

what about other sports like ...netball or volleyball? Any other aussie girls out there that are playing netball???? Can't seem to find much ont he classifields.

how about total fitness near citic plaza

Hey Kate, Total Fitness on Tianhe Bei Lu is pretty good :)

I just moved to Guangzhou from the States (been there for 10 years) a couple days ago. I am also looking for a gym to go after work.

Any recommendation?

Kate, have you found sth that you feel ok? Total Fitness?

Yeah I will be joining total fitness in the next few days hopefully. It seems to be the best option even though it is the most expensive option that I have found

There are a lot.

Really you think it's expensive? For me its about RMB 130 a month (Total Fitness)... better than running on the dirty street!

I am also looking for a belly dance class. If there are gyms having bellydance classes, or separate bellydance classes which are good, let me know!

total fitness has belly dancing classes. I can't vouch for how good they are though

oh,really?so finally are you joining total fitness?i am looking for a club where i can swim.but tianhe sport stadium is not my top choice though.

The best is California fitness in jiujiang
Unfortunately they do not have spinning classes however if anyone online can suggest where would also be highly appreciated

Hello, there, I'm glad to see this message. I'm in Guangzhou and currently joined a gym in tianhe district, which is cheap and have all the lessons that you've concerned. hope to find a partner excise together. Looking for hear from you .

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Hi, I just moved to Guangzhou in Tianhe district. Looking for a fitness center that has crossfit or circuit training or a trainer. Hope to hear some recommendations. Thanks!

Hi, Rachell,
Have you found it? What gym you came accross?
Thank you`

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