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Anyone with their children at Northfields that I could message about school? Planning to move next summer and my kids would be joining yr2 and yr6. It would be a great help to me to be able to find out a bit more about school life.

Hello, all. We just moved from USA to Mauritius last month. (My husband is originally from Mauritius, but has been living abroad for 20+ years) We will be  living in the North and will be sending our girls to IPS and Northfields where they will start Year 3 and Year 9 in a couple of weeks. I am looking to meet families with kids who attend these school or who live in Belle Vue/ Hillside or Mont Piton area. I think it would be great if my girls knew someone before school started. (they speak both English and French)

On a side note, I am looking for a violin teacher for my 7 year old who has been playing violin for 3 years now.

Please  private message me with any info. Thanks/ Merci.

my daughter is at 9year, we living in grand baie in front of la Croisette. we are from brazil,

Hello, Paulo! How long have you been in Mauritius? We are temporarily living at Azuri until our rental house at Belle Vue / Hillside is ready.

I'm here for 8 months and my wife and daughter 6 mese

Hi Cheri! We have arrived today from Russia and are a British/Dutch family. Our youngest daughter will be starting year 9 next week. Unfortunately we will not be living anywhere near you! Wishing you a great time!

Sorry to bother.just want to know was it easy to get an admission? We moving to Mru next year

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