Making friends in Cardiff

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrea and I'm from Spain. I arrived in Cardiff on October 10 to work as an au pair.

I would like to meet people in the Cardiff area to go out, have a chat and take some drinks in one of the many nice pubs this city has.

If someone would like to organize a meetup, just send me a message.

Hope to hear from you soon ;)


i am hashem from Egypt
just moved to Cardiff couple of weeks ago to Study MSc. in Cardiff university
Actually i saw your profile n said why not to break ice trying to make some new friends here since am new here
hope you do not mind ^__^

We relocated to Cardiff in 2015.  1 year ago this month from Overseas.
After settling into our home; we wanted to meet and mix with the locals. 
Within 3 months we had established many new friends to socialize with. 
All Thanks to having joined a Online Group named: STREETLIFE.
Membership to join this group is Free & you can join multiple area codes.
The group we joined I can recommend what ever your area code is.  So long as it's in Cardiff, Wales! 
Around Tremorfa | Streetlife:
Some areas ain't that sociable.  We joined Our area: CF24 2TW however, this group extends their membership to anyone living in any area of Cardiff.  This area gathers together at business venues regularly.  Even if you do what we did; initially joined and after making friends we now do our thing!

Streetlife - the local social network

Extending your Streetlife "range"
Hi Sandy, here's how to extend the areas of Streetlife that you can see.

In the "search" field at the top of your screen, type in the name of an area (eg Penarth), then press "enter" on your keyboard. Lots of different options should appear, just click on "follow area" of one.

The click on "edit profile" (under your username, top left OR under spoked wheel on top right hand side), click on News Feed Settings, choose the area to extend around (eg Penarth or your default one, probably Tremorfa) and tick the areas you want to add. Then click on "Save". There is a limit to the number of areas you can have but I've no idea what it is.

WANT a NICE PUB to socialize in with great food at affordable prices with the best views to look out onto;

Views overlook Cardiff City area
Ty Mawr Hotel

View overlooking
The Mount Steward Hotel; a Weatherspoon's Pub on Cardiff Bay in Mermaide Quay. 

Best water-views for a Coffee and / or a bite to eat;   Behind the Dr Who Museum is a hidden secret / Gem.

Im hoping to move to cardiff this summer,i need information about this city, especially the night life

i'll be on trip to Cardiff in April 2017.. :)

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