Are there jobs in Vietnam for mental health therapists/counselors?

Hello Robbieo,

I am also a clinical psychologist looking  to find opportunities in Vietnam...

Robbieo :

I'm a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California and have a masters degree in clinical psychology. I'm also TEFL/TESOL certified and I'm moving to Vietnam in January. I am wondering if I can continue working where my heart is, mental health, or if that's not something that's typically sought after in Vietnam. I've worked as a school counselor for troubled youth got seven years. Ideally I think I'd love to open up a mindfulness meditation mental health center...which may even include some classes for learning English. Thoughts?

Thank you.

Also interested in this ;)

Mental health is not something they understand or except well here. It certainly is needed. But a very hard sell in a country where they think they can just suck it up and cope. I have a therapist friend, also from California. She is Vietnamese and says she has never had any success with Vietnamese clients. That does not mean you could not try. And there might be a need among Western folks who live here. Moreover many psychotropic meds are not even allowed into the country. I realize that is out of your wheelhouse. But it is illustrative if the thinking here.
  In a personal level my wife needed mental health therapy. She refused unless I could get her a Vietnamese speaking therapist. And she has a BS in English linguistics. I finally located a VNese speaking therapist in America. But she refused to even intrusive herself and walked away.
  But ther is little understand here of the human body, let alone the brain. Even childhood developing is severely arrested. They have no clue about small or gross motor skill development. But you will enjoy the comparisonsyou will witness here. You may want to post your services in the classified here in the forum as well. Not sure if the licensing requirements here. So you may want to keep it on the down low. Good luck

Thank you Diazo for this information. I am guessing even just research on their perception of mental illness could be very informative...

OMG yes. That is an education in and of itself. Not sure how long you have been here. Or if your familiar with the “our if the cave theory”. But neurological development here is seriously arrested. I am not sure there is a correlation, but they, even as adults lack analytical abilities. I think this is due to the fact of the arrested development. I find it quite interesting to observe. But I think when you try and discuss life sciences or nuerligicak issues you may feel like you are trying to educate a third grader if your lucky. I was working with a 3 year old just this week and she had very little small motor skills. For example she could not place geometric shapes into the proper spot to save her soul. But is you ask the parent about these things a fog comes over their eyes and they think you may need to see a mental health professional!😀

Hi, may I know how can I apply for a practising license in vietnam?

Liliana77777 :

Thank you Diazo for this information. I am guessing even just research on their perception of mental illness could be very informative...

Just taking care of Diazo could be a full-time job.   :cool:  :joking:

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