Anyone for tourism here?

Do anybody know some tourism organization or some student body in tehran which arrange trips in tehran or north of Iran??
I so want to go, as there are many places within tehran and near by, but its not feasible to go alone..
If anybody know something do let me know please.
2ndly I have an idea, we can make plans and arrange trips ourselves, and can go together in groups..
Anybody in for this plan???   :)

I can be help but i am in Mashhad but hope to meet u in Tehran but on my next trip i am returning back after tomorrow.hope we can arrange that trip again i will back to Iran in next month.

One of my friends is a professional tour leader in Iran and hold several nature tours and trips for foreign tourists. If you are interested you can contact him or I can arrange to meet each other. His email is dkasra[at]


if you want I can help you.

@ kazeminkhah >  :/  Can you please give more details on how you can probably help?



Hi,  I live in Tehran and I can give you any essential informations that you need. Also I can arrange you (together if you want) trips to any part of Iran that you want.
Contact me by email or (xxx).I will be happy if could help you.

Hi Yes I am interested if idea still available

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