Looking for customs broker in Costa Rica that works with Dogs

I need a customs broker that will broker two dogs for me in Costa Rica.   I also need them to get the health import certificates.

Are your dogs too large to travel as excess baggage? Using a broker when a dog must travel as 'cargo' will result in $$$$'s. Are your  traveling with them or are they being sent separately?
You need to get their vaccinations and their health certificate from your vet and form from USDA and have it stamped at their office and your pet must travel within 10 days.

I have the email of a broker we used last year when we shipped our great danes who had to come as cargo… if you still need the info let me know...

I need a customs broker for Saturday the 14th of March, 2015. Does anyone have someone I can directly contact? My boyfriend is bringing my cat and dog and they are being sent in cargo. Thank you!


Sorry, I can't help you to locate a broker, but was wondering 'why' your cat has to travel as cargo, which is quite expensive, when it is traveling with your boyfriend? Usually. it is when a pet is too large, over 100lb including kennel,  to travel as excess baggage it is then required to fly as 'cargo' and cats most often travel, 'in cabin' if are under 20 lbs including kennel.
Make sure the paperwork for your pets is in your boyfriends name if he is accompanying the animals.

We traveled with our two cats in cabin and it was a breeze.

Bringing cats and dogs to live in Costa Rica, talk about adding head aches to a new life.  If a dog is not born in Costa Rica "it is ignorant to the dangers", which is why some are taken down by snakes or poisonous frogs.  A crock took one near our development last May.  If you live in downtown Grecia or similar the animal might be okay, but if you expose a North American born cat or dog to a jungle environment "don't be surprised if you lose it".

I would recommend W2C - ( They're a Canadian company but I think they have a branch in Costa Rica.

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I see you flew Great Danes to Costa Rica.  I need your help please.  We have a Newfoundland that is larger than the Giant Crate that most airlines will take.  The only way I can figure how to get him there is with a broker and the quote is 6000.  How did you get your Great Danes there?  Are they in a larger crate than the 700 series?
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Could I get the number of the broker you used?

This same question has been asked again and again, however no one has provided contact info.
It seems to be that the Liberia airport  doesn't always require one wheres SJO does.  Is your dog large and requires to travel as cargo? Or are you using United PetSafe?
This recent article may help
This past post on this forum may also offer help

Flying into SJO. I think we found one. I will post if it goes smoothly. We have two dogs and both have to go as cargo.

Hello all! New and my first post.  My husband and I will be flying into Liberia with our dog who will be cargo.  United petsafe said I need a customs broker.  Any recommendations from anyone who has done this?

Unless things have changed (Call the American Embassy ) many including me have brought in our dogs without a broker BUT have your VETS examine them and bring along a clean bill of health document ..that's all we needed in the past.Just check it out for sure with Embassy rules incase of any changes .Good luck from a dog lover/rescuer...

Many have asked the same question, and if they found a broker it hasn't been shared on the forum, at least recently.
Dogs...large breeds that are over 100lb including crate...traveling as cargo require the use of a broker.
I have read that if flying into Liberia that a broker isn't required. Why...I have no idea. Check it out and let us know.

Have you inquired into using a different airline? It could save you over $1000    :joking:


I brought my dog in a crate 9 years ago.  There was no need for a broker.  I had a vet certificate and then I had to go to some government agency to get the permit and I was done!

Contact the airline directly.  They will tell you what you need to do.

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If the dog and crate is under 100lbs it can travel as 'excess baggage' and then no broker is involved...unless you are bringing in to breed or to sell, then an import permit is required.  A value is asked to be put on the dog.

The total weight is about 60 lbs. United will only ship by cargo not baggage.  I checked with US embassy in Costa Rica (website) and it states that no permit is required.

Using the cargo service, is is why United's PetSafe fee is higher. As mentioned, check with another airline, such as American Airline.

I meant to suggest you read the posts on this very subject

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I would recommend that you contact someone in customs at the Liberia airport.  Write down their name and contact information and confirm that it is okay to contact them upon arrival if there are any issues. 

The only broker that I can recommend works with the SJO airport.  You could contact them and see if they can refer you to someone at the Liberia airport.  The SJO broker is AIMI, telephone from outside the country 011 506 2239-8181.  They might have an English speaking person there.  The fee should be between $100-$200.  My daughter has used them to help people with the importation of parrots and they were very helpful and trustworthy.

Once you have the information of what's required, have that in hand upon arrival.  If there are any issues, contact that person. If you do not speak espanol, you should have someone that does contact customs.  Unlikely that they'll speak English.

The following is what I pulled up with some quick internet search:
"Cats and dogs traveling as cargo, require a "Permiso de Importacion" ("Import Permit") issued by "Salubridad Publica Veterinaria" (Veterinary Health Dept.) de San Jose, C.R. in addition to a valid good health and rabies vaccination certificate from the U.S./Canada. Application can be completed via fax or email. Arrival of the pet must be announced 72 hours in advance to the authorities. For further information see: "  This is pretty much what I had to do when I imported my English Mastiff puppy.

Senasa is the branch of the government here that is in charge of protection, importation, exportation, etc. of CR wildlife.  Again, when you speak with them, write down the name of who you speak with, their number and can you contact them if there are any issues.

I know from personal experience that bringing a pet in can be stressful.  Don't worry too much.  Just make sure you have the information for the proper paperwork, and you should be fine.

- Expat Dave

Have you tried W2C? They have quite a lot experience with animal transport.

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