Job in Luanda, Angola

Hi Guys

I have offered a job in Luanda. Angola as a Computer Administrator and salary provided me is $350 USD + Free Accommodation + Transportation + Food from company itself.. Contact for 5Years.. Is it fair enough or not?

Please be advised?

$. 350 is almost equal to INR 21,000. In India INR 21K would be the minimum salary for a 3+ years computer administrator (L1 support) in a reputed company  in India, So I don’t see any pull / attraction in this offer. More than that you MAY not get a same kind of working environment and comfort in Angola (work life balance, 2 days week off, SL, CL, EL, Holiday double wages, Food coupon, etc., etc, )

Better you can negotiate with the company and calculate what would be your net saving take a call accordingly.

What would be increment / hike? Do you have any idea on this? You can't work for the same salary for 5 years right?

What if you break the contact in-between? Would you require to abide with any clause which will have a mandatory clause of payment to the company on termination of contract ? Check that. 

Get few more suggestions and you take decision.

Hi Ak,

Have you accepted the offer ? Or denied ? Please share your decision

350  a week its fine but monthly.. Im not sure

Hi guys,
I been trying to get a job in construction in Angola thru S/African recruiters but it does not seem to work out. Are there any reliable recruiters based in Angola who can help? Please advise...

Harry Seleji

Hi, that's very low! (I assume you mean monthly) what's your education? We have openings that pay much more than that, depending on the skills.

please am nigeria what are the requirement to enter angola

I m interest pls I have experiance in office ad pls

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Hello; I'am interest  in this position. I'am already in Luanda for a holiday but I'm planning to stay here.My contact number in angola is XXX

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