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Hi everyone,

Which company should we go with for home internet? Fast internet is super important for us, since we work from home.

We're looking for a company with reliable internet speed.

Many thanks,

I have no problems with Orange.

i think zain its the best

I go with Zain, so far so good  :)

Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

We didn't realize that internet service depends on where you live.

Unfortunately, it seems that my husband and I might have to move out of our apartment! We went to JCS office and they said our apartment is still not included in their service (will be in 1-2 years). And Orange said that the maximum speed we will be able to get in our apartment is 2MB.

We just got an UMNIAH 3G router. We tried it and it's not fast at all. Not to mention the data limit is ridiculously low.

Hi I use Zain wireless internet. I can Skype without any problem. Depending on the apartment.
Good luck,

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