Looking for Turkish lessons

Hi to all, I am spanish expat woman in need of learning turkish, preferring to take private lessons

Hello Patricia, welcome to!
You should post an ad in Cairo's Classifieds -> language classes. Thanks

did you try to download any courses from internet?

did you try to download any courses from internet?
try this one


i will start to learn Turkish lessons after Ramadan month, it will be in 6 October city in Turkish center and the tutor is Turkish also you can take this courses in Nasr city and mohandessn if you are interested just contact me and i will arrange it with you.

Dear Patricia,

I would like to talk to you about your request to learn the Turkish language, if you are still looking forward to learn Turkish please contact me trough message services over Expat.

Thank you backtothesuture,

Actually I am studying using the texts and tape scripts from: It is very useful, however, I need to perform my conversational Turkish with a teacher.

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Hello I want to take a turkish lesson  .
Befor may I want to start

Dear sir

I read you post and I am interested in joining the turkish language lesson in 6th of october . So kindly send me the contact details to communicate .



Have you started you Turkish classes? If you are still in need please do contact.



i want to know the details please

Hi dear

I'm looking for Turkish lessons in Egypt if you can support

turkishforexpats :


Have you started you Turkish classes? If you are still in need please do contact.



hi dear can you support me plz ?

Hi hassnaa_maik > this is an old topic. Please post your ad in the language classes in Cairo section. Thank you

if you're still interested to learn turkish language .. i can provide you with a very good teacher's telephone number who gives a private lessons :) good luck

Hi dear

Can you give me learning center information i will be very greatful ☺

Hi im looking to learn the turkish language in heliopolis please any help?

Hi everyone,

@ Yosraak, please drop an advert in the Language classes in Cairo section of the website. You may get some proposals.

All the best,

hello mariam
i'm really interested in learning turkish and i've been looking for a private tutor ..if u could send me his/her number i would really appreciate it ..thanks :)


As I am a Turkish one happy to hear that you want to learn Turkish language

Hi where is ur location as im looking for a turkish tutor as well

I can help you if you are still interested in!

Hello Hadeer 😊 Are you still interested in learning Turkish. I can help you with that :)

Hello Yosraak :) are you still interested in learning Turkish? I would be happy to help :)

does anyone know if there is educational center or private tutor available near maadi or mohandeseen ?


Iam teaching turkish i can help u

ok how can i contact you?


I am looking for a Turkish language private lessons, could someone help me .


I need to ask about the Turkish language courses in 6’ of October, is it still available and conducted?


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i'm interesting to learn turkish

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