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I'm moving to Bar, Montenegro in a month or so and I'm pregnant, so I'll give birth there; I'm a little concerned about the health system there, I hope there is better system than here (Russia). I would not like to give birth in a public hospital, is there any private ones? if yes, are they any good?. I would appreciate any information on this.

Thank you!!

Welcome to, estherlg4 and congratulations on your pregnancy! :)


I gave birth to my daughter and did half of my pregancy in Niksic, Montenegro.  From my experience there are mostly public hospitals, but private dr.'s do deliver.  My dr. was private and met me at the hospital and delivered her.  I will also say that each town has a bit different standards.  In Podgorica the hospital is better than niksic. Bar, is far more updated than Niksic and should be better.  I can ask my husband does he know anything about Bar's hospitals since he has family there if that would help.  Just be very assertive in what you want because the nurses (in my experience) will push what they want on you. They have a mother and baby program in most of the cities to encourage breastfeeding so the baby rooms with the mother the entire time also.   

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I would be glad to help any way I can or tell you what I can.

Best wishes to you and congratulations!

I live part time in Serbia. As it used to be part of the same country, I would recommend strongly being assertive. people can be very pushy in this area. While in Serbia, I asked about health care and found private care is best, though more expensive.
Warm regards and prayers for easy safe delivery.


I am pregnant and I want to give birth to montenegro and I am worried about the same subjects. can you help me?

I gave birth in Codra (private hospital) in Podgorica. I would highly recommend the professionalism, cleanliness and service!

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