Getting married with tourist visa in Norway

hello im in norway now..tourist  visa,, its still allowed getting married here because i've been here  1month ,, hope u help my concern. thank

Yes its allowed but u hve to submit ur docs and obtain the license for marriage

what r the requirements ?

if i apply its allowed 2 apply permanent visa after marriage?

Your birth certificate and a certificate to show that u r single from ur home country .since u r from philiipines im nt sure what r special fr u.plz chk the previous replies.we all clearly mentioned what to do.if u dont submit these u willnot get this u hve this already with u

no i don't have  yet i know that requirements but maybe its another requirements thats y i ask here..  after married its allowed to apply permanent visa?

Normally i dont think they encourage that but if u qualify as a skilled worker then they allow i heard stories of a person who did that.i think she replied u b4 stephy25

but i can get my birth and cenumar 2 the phil... but its allowed  u can apply fiancee visa  while u where here in norway if u have tourist visa?

For applying fiancee visa too u need to get these docs.i think its possible to apply am not sure.

aww ok thanks. gbu

its ok if no red ribbon ? only cenomar?

exchanged documents between countries not ratified by the Haag convention needs to be Legalized by the Department of Foreign Affairs (red-ribboned as termed by Pinoys) and then Authenticated by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.. for my case, Legalized documents were accepted by skatteetaten when I applied for the test certification (or marriage license), even tho it didnt have the signature authentication by the Norwegian Embassy..

so as far as I know, NO... your CENOMAR needs to be Red-ribboned, and to be sure, also authenticated by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.. 

please read more here:
- Apostille-and-legalisation -

How long after wedding  does it take to recieve  the marriage  certificate?

May be a week

Hi can you help for me . If it is possible to married here . My papers is on the way here? Maybe first week of November is coming. We are finalise the papers yet . And then after the papers is already here. =-we go to skatteen office and submit those requirements . I'm here for tourist visa and it's will be expire this coming November 27 . And I'm so worried to catch up the UDI .  And I'm asking what is DuF number. Where I can get that one? We are going to be married here . I'm reading your message and you say that your visa is already expired after a week you file for UDI. Is it possible that your visa in expired and then got married ... but how ??


I dont think u can get married after ur visa expired.after u submit ur paper it may take 2 to 3 weeks for skatt to issue the license for marriage.very close call.hope things will work fr u

Hi I would like to say something about your post here. I just got married last week and as per advice before getting married in Norway, you should atleast give ample time for the processing of your papers. First to avoid a panic situation it is much better to apply for a fiancee visa before getting married here in Norway. if you're lucky enough you can get married while you're on Tourist visa but still you MUST go back to the Philippines and reapply for Family Reunification.
Please read carefully the link below. Open each Blue prints for explanation! … -citizen/. The DUF will be given to you and on your passport when you applied as fiancee visa when coming here in Norway. You have to call the Tax department you they can answer you about that.

I wish you good luck to your future plans...

Hi everyone, I had been reading your posts here and I would like to clarify something before we start the filing process this week as we plan to get marry, I am well aware of the requirements, I am only confused on this part:

"1.your birth certificate and certificate of no marriage from your home country which is authenticated for using abroad.(red ribbon)"

- I have the red ribboned docs, do we need to send it to Philippine Embassy in Oslo?
Or can we go ahead and use these red ribboned papers upon filing?

Thank you in advance!

My marriage declared in the court null and void for past 7 years , I am asking advice if what are the requirements needed to bring for planning marriage in Norway..? Please i need your help and advice..

hi. if you're on schengen (tourist) visa you should have all docs red ribboned already before you fly here just to be prepared, (nso BC/ cenomar/court dec on ur annulment) and go to skat to request for the test certificate which will allow u to get a sked for marrying in the tingrett (courthouse). remember skat will count your days of stay here in norway as basis for your legal current stay in norway even as a tourist they can still allow you to get married. if you think you need more time in preparing for the wedding then its best to file for a fiancee visa so you can get married in norway within 6 months because your red ribboned docs are good as valid for 4 months only. you may search for other threads here which can be similar and very helpful. :)

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