Webcam romance with a Tunisian

I need to contact people living in Sousse, Tunisia.
I want someone who lives in Sousse help me find a direction to see if it is a false address or not, I'm in love a Tunisian but I have my doubts about it and need to figure out if what you say is true or not, the direction I am looking Amr Ben Rue, Kattab Kalaa Kebira 4060 Sousse, Tunisia. Please I need someone to help me figure out this man.

what is it you want to find out exactly ? is it that he really lives there ? he probably does live there . you do have to be careful . i can ask around .

The correct adress is : Rue Omar Ibn Elkhattab, Kalaa Kebira, 4060 Sousse, Tunisia

but must not know that I'm suspicious, so I want to know if the address actually exists and who lives at that address.

posso verificar  para voce tenho pessoas em sousse

carla dione :

posso verificar  para voce tenho pessoas em sousse

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thanks for your reply. I would be very grateful if you could find out everything in its power over the place, family etc. .. please it is very important to me ...

If I had time I'd help you. 

Have you seen if this man appears on the gallery in

Hi ..i live in Sousse ..let me know WhatsApp you need .. i am Francesco


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