looking for indian roomates to share a fully furnished three bedroom


Iam new to Kenya and have been relocated from Uganda I have seen a fully furnished flat all inclusive  with three bedroom ,security ,wifi,all indian channels around 80000 rent.If anybody is willing to share we could have a very decent house @ 40000 each.The place is really good .In case interested pl write back to me your email or contact no  .


Hello arjunraga

I invite you to place an advert in our Shared accommodation in Nairobi section so as to increase your chances to find a flatmate.

Kenjee Team

hi arjun,
which is the property and in which area?

Dear Arjun, I am an Indian expats working on UN  projects in Nairobi since last year Aug. if you are getting a 3Bhk house fully furnished in 80 K it puts me in doubt. In which area you have seen this apartment. please share the details xxx

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