Living in Rehab

Anyone live in Rehab? My husband and I moved here from the States. We're looking to meet some other expats living in Rehab, make some new friends. Anyone wanna grab some coffee?


I'd love to but Rehab is too far, I'm from Giza
Good stay for you and your husband at Egypt

Dear nmartin,
I am living since a few months in Rehab and I do love it, on wednesday we expats meet up in Tota cafe at 10 am, hope to see there soon.

For anyone interested, I group of expats is meeting for dinner Thursday, Sept 30th, 7pm at Mercato (food court).

If I have a babysitter i will come :))

You can bring the kids.

ok will try would be nice c u ''inshalla'' there have a nice evening

Nice to meet you all but sad it was a blitz visit for me,next time hope less sand :))

I understand. A few people didn't show for the same reason. However, we did have a good group. About 20 people came. And two people brought their kids.

That is absolutely not true. We have many Egyptian members. The group is open to any expat regardless of origins.

Of course! Anyone is welcome. check the Facebook page for future event information.

Rehaby Expat Oasis


I'm from Turkey and have been working in Cairo since the beginning of Sept. Next week I'll be in Turkey but I'll move to Rehab upon my return on 12nd Oct. . I'll like to meet you people there if you are available. Also' need to learn much about there. Is there any swimming pool around ?

there is a pool in the Rehab club. safe travels.

Welcome Volky!!

There are 4 swimmingpools in Rehab club :

1.small pool for the children
2.a bit bigger pool for children and adults (heated in the winter)
3.there is an olympic pool
4.there is a big private pool but only open for a few months in the summer and for this pool you need to pay extra.

You can enter the club with a membership 2100le/year and if you want to enter the private pool too you pay on top another 200le/year. You can also pay the private pool everytime you go and this will cost you 20le/time.
If you don't want a membership you can pay per time and this is 20le during the week and 30le during the weekend but in this case you need to tell Mr. Akram in the meanoffice so he can registrate your name in the agenda of the security otherweis you will face problems with entering.

Hope to see you soon

@ nmartin ; tnx for your respond
@ charmer 72 ; thank you very much for your comprehensive information. It will for sure help a lot. I hope to enjoy it with all of you.
Why don't we plan a gathering in Rehab with all people living there ?

@Volky : I am ready any time!! :)

@ charmer72 & nmartin ; let's set a date a.s.a.p. pls

srl :

these groups are usually racist and don't accept Egyptians among them, so don't offer them much help

I wonder who is really racist here ! aren't you THE real racist srl ? Isn't it you who insulted everybody here several times already?

Hi Natalie,
I'll be there in two weeks. I'm from New Orleans. My husband is Egyptian and he's there getting our condo in Rehab prepared while I tie up loose ends in the states. Where are you guys from?

I understand that a group of expat women get together at a cafe in Rehab every Wednesday. I'm looking forward to meeting that group!

Ha! Just realized (going thru old posts) that you were the one who told me about expat women getting together on Wednesdays. Is that still happening? Have you made many friends that way?

I'll get in touch with you when I get into town. It would be great to grab a cup of coffee.

Hi Everybody,

What abt 15th Oct. to come together

This Sunday people are meeting up for dinner at El Dahan in the souk.

@Nolaegy: the wednesdays are or the women from 10 am @Tota cafe, it always a great morning and nice to meet up with other women, hope to see you there soon!

@ nmartin ,
I don't have a facebook acc. so could you pls advise where the restourant is exactly ? If I can arrange my time, I'd like to join.
An other question : are the attendents only families or singles are also welcomed ?

Everyone is welcome always. Any age, nationality. Just nice to meet other neighbors. El Dahan is in the souk. It's near Best Buy Super Market and El Haty Egyptian Restaurant.

Tnx a lot,
I'll probably be there with a friend. Hope to see you all

What time pls.?

6:30 pm

Here is a link to the event details

Hello. I'm new comer in Al Rehab City. Can I join with you ? Thanks

welcome indobe. which group of rehap ?

Hello Volky. This forum is really interesting that we can share some informations. I've been one month and still struggling to find tings. Thanks.

Here is a list on info I've gathered with some neighbors on Rehab.

EL REHAB  PRACTICAL INFORMATION Information collected from El Rehab residents. This is not an exhaustive list
May 2010
•    Drinkies -– phone # 19330.  There is a LE 150 minimum order for delivery to El Rehab. Alcohol is not available to be purchased in El Rehab.  It can be ordered and delivered though

•    B. Tech -– Mall 1 (washing machines, water filters)
•    Sony/B. Tech – souq, near Samir and Aly; sells televisions.

•    Radio Shack -– souq/workshop area  (electrical/computer/phone)
•    Sanyo store – Mall 2 (household appliances)
•    Sony – souq
•    (Name unknown) – Mall 2, upper level (large and small appliances)

•    Bank of Alexandria -– stand alone ATM in souq/workshop CIB -– near Food Court (has two ATMs)
•    HSBC (ATM only) -– outside Metro Market Mall 2
•    National Bank of Egypt - – between CIB & British School
•    National Society General Bank (NSGB) -– bank area, between CIB & British School -– phone # 19700
•    Arab-African bank -– Next to NSGB - If you want to send money using WESTERN UNION, they provide the service

•    Multiple fresh ‘balady’ (Egyptian) bread shops are in souq/workshop area   
•    Abdel Rahim Koueider -– souq/workshop -– phone # 19270
•    La Poire -– souq/workshop area
•    Sal้ Sucr้ -– souq/workshop  - phone # 2607 2882
•    Trianon -– basement Mall 1 -– phone # 19020
•    Tseppas -- (pastries) souk
•    Fresh Bake (best Egyptian bread) - souq - phone # 2607 8889
•    Iraqi Bakery (nice change from local bread) – souq - phone # 010 993 5884
•    Monginis - (pastries/ sweets) – souq – phone # 2574.8887

BUS (internal minibuses and external bus)
Buses come roughly every 20 to 30 minutes. Like most of the things in Egypt, there are no exact schedules. A ride in Rehab costs 50 piasters (LE0.50). There are five bus routes within Rehab. All buses end at the bus station behind Gate 13 (there you can transfer to buses within Rehab or catch a larger bus to Nasr City or Heliopolis). The bus to Heliopolis ends at the Saray El Kobba Metro stop where you can pick up the Metro line to downtown. The bus to Nasr City takes you by City Stars Mall. Bus rides outside of Rehab cost 2 pounds and 25 piasters (LE2.25).

•    Bus Route #1
Phase 1 (Group 1 to 17) - Bus Station - Omar Ibn Khattab Street (runs from the south side of the Club to Gate 13) - Central Rehab - Mosque - Mall 1- Taha Hussein Street (runs from British School to Gate 5) - Groups 6 to 13 - Gate 5 - Group 1 to 5 – Rehab Club - Central Rehab - Omar Ibn Khattab Street (runs from the south side of the Club to Gate 13) - Bus Station
•    Bus Route #2
Bus Station - Future School - Friends of Abu Bakr Street (runs from SW corner of Club to Gate 9) - Group 27 to 32 - Food Court - Gate 6 - U Turn - Future School - Mall 2 - Bus Station
•    Bus Route #3
Phase 3 (Group 44 - 65) - Bus Station - Group 46 - Talat Mustafa Street (main street between Mall 1 and Mall 2) - Group 51 - Mohamed Abdel Wahab - Group 48 – Group 43 - Bus Station 
•    Bus Route #4
Bus Station - Group 66 - Sayed Zaghloul Street - Group 71 - Group 79 - Group 82 - U Turn – Talat Mostafa Street (main street between Mall 1 and Mall 2) - French School - Bus Station
•    Bus Route #5
Bus Station - French School - Talat Mustafa Street (main street between Mall 1 and Mall 2) - Group 94 to 100 - U Turn - Mustafa Street (main street between Mall 1 and Mall 2) - French School - Bus Station

•    El Leheimy (probably the cleanest butcher; they speak English)- souq – phone # 16618
•    Mister Meat – souq/workshop
•    Poultry (name unknown) – souq/workshop, next to Party Service – phone # 26923808, delivery
•    Koki chicken - souq
•    Meatello- souq – phone # 26076166
•    Pork products: You cannot buy pork products in Rehab; however, you can order them from the German Butcher in Maadi. His website is: (N.B – the German butcher has had no pork as of April 2010 and it seems unlikely he will have any in the near future, though this may change)

•    Coptic Church, near - By Gate 13
•    Several other church denominations in Heliopolis, next door

•    There are various clothing stores in both malls and a few stores in the souq   
•    Mix and Match - Mall 2 - Has larger sizes
•    Levis - Mall 2

•    Cappuccino Caf้ - – souq/workshop
•    Cilantros - – food court
•    Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf -– ground floor Mall 2
•    Costa Coffee -– food court
•    Ben Coffee (sells fresh coffee beans by kilo) – souq between Neama Salon and Extra Fresh- 2692 0294

•    World Trade Stores -– souq/workshop

•    Ground floor Mall 2 •    Coin Exchange - souq

Dr. Hosam - 012-564-8884 – Located in the Medical Center in the same block where you find the banks. He is very professional, kind, patient, and speaks good English.  The clinic is very clean and have the most advanced equipment that is needed for this profession: x-rays, scanning, etc.
Make sure you get/ask for a recipe or price menu from any dry cleaner. The price per item should be around 3 pounds (LE3).
•    Nour El Islam -– souq/workshop area  -– phone # 26071978, 0106589868 (will pickup and deliver); limited English but understands Rehab addresses
•    Sheraton Dry Cleaner - souq- phone # 2607 9611

FEDEX (courier service)
•    In souq/workshop area

Note that it is cheaper to use Fedex via AUC as you get a discount.  It is done through the AUC Mail Services, Campus Center. Also, the AUC Faculty Services Office organizes a Fedex mail pouch twice a month to the States.  Announcements are sent by email to the faculty prior each pouch.

•    Estacoza Fish – souq
•    Pearl and Shells Fish Market – souq next to Future Satellite
•    Crab House – souq - # 2607 -2631
•    Besides the supermarkets in the Malls, there are fish/seafood places in the souq/workshop area
FLOWERS / Plants
•    Family Flowers -– ground floor Mall 2, and next to Post Office at Gate 5

There are fruit and vegetable sellers on virtually every street in souq/workshop area
•    Fargale Fruits -– souq/workshop -– phone # 26072461, 0129720750 -– they speak English and will deliver. However, you’ll get the “foreign price” will deliver; good spoken English
•    Rehana – souq/workshop
•    Al Hoseny – souq- phone # 2607 7276

•    Bright Way Lighting -– souq/workshop
•    Living Room -– souq/workshop
•    Modern Ferforce – souq/workshop
•    Teleb Furniture – souq/workshop – phone # 26072606, ready made or made to order furniture; basic English

GAS CYLINDER (butagaz)
•    Mr. Emad (El Rehab employee) -– phone # 0125557501, is responsible for distributing the gas cylinders in El Rehab City. 
•    You may also order butagaz bottles through the El Rehab phone directory (19365).

GROCERY STORES  All grocery stores deliver. You can either call and give an order over the phone or ask that your food is delivered when you are checking out of the store.
•    Best Buy Supermarket -– souq - phone # 26077738/workshop
•    El Mahmal Supermarket (cheapest grocery store in Rehab), basement level Mall 1
•    Gourmet Egypt – phone # 19339 –, based in Maadi but will deliver to El Rehab, no minimum order, but LE 5 delivery charge
•    Grand Market (carries good quality produce)  -– souq /workshop area- phone # 2607 2605
•    Al Hoseny Supermarket (carries good quality produce) - souq - phone # 2607 3430
•    Metro Market – basement level Mall 2 - phone # 19619

•    Dream Salon (Men's hair salon)  -– souq/workshop
•    Shaz (Women’s hair) – British woman works out of her home. Cell # 016-240-9410
•    JOE (Women’s hair salon)  – Mall #2 – his contacts:  016-377-8486  & 012-281-376. He’s a Lebanese man, trained in France; he speaks English.  He is excellent, but be aware that he usually wants to impose what he thinks is good for your hair.  Just be firm about what exactly you want and he will do an excellent job.

•    4 Home -– souq/ workshop area -– phone # 0127438687; Imad who runs the place speaks English and will help with all sorts of hardware stuff.  If he doesn't have it, he will tell you where to find it.

•    Health Shop -– souq /workshop -– teas, honey, ginseng, spirulina, some organic items

•    Akacia -– souq/workshop  -– home decor shop (pottery, artwork, Muski glass, locally made household decorations and gifts) -– phone #  0124642602
•    CMB -– souq/workshop  -– ceramic tiles, small tools, some power tools
•    Egypt Secrets -– souq /workshop -– objects d’art
•    Party Service -– souq/workshop  - – party supply, disposable plates, cups, etc.
•    Treya -– souq/workshop, next to Fargale Fruits  -– plastic wares, cookware, small kitchen appliances, brooms, patio furniture (everything)

•    Mall 1 -– north-east of souq/workshop (Gate 6)
•    Mall 2 -– south-east of Entertainment area (Gate 13)

•    Medical Center 1 – next to Mall 1
•    Medical Coumpound
•    Several specialists - dentist, pediatrician, gynecologist, ENT, dermatologist,     ophthalmologist, orthopedist, physiotherapist, blood labs, etc.

•    Quick Foods -– (sells many western food products) front of food court
•    Speed Market -– souq/workshop
•    Uno Market -– souq/workshop

MISCELLANEOUS (souq/workshop)
•    Newspaper Delivery- Lady Bird Bookstore – souq. They have a range of Arabic newspapers and a few English papers include the International Herald Tribune.
•    DVD Rental- RMC- Mall 1- phone # 2607 4663
•    Fundays Toy Store – souq, near Samir and Aly
•    Tailor - Habiba Scarf - Mall 1, 3rd floor.
•    Ribbons/wool/sewing notions
•    Nuts and seeds by the kilo
•    Air conditioners & fans
•    Fish monger
•    Paint supply
•    Lighting
•    Filomar Silver – Mall 2 behind the Coffee Bean and under the stairs. If you mention that you are from AUC, you might get a discount.

•    Central Bashar -– souq/workshop
•    Etisalat - –1st floor Mall 2
•    i2 - – Nokia phones
•    Mobile Shop -– souq/ workshop area -– sells phone and accessories and recharge cards
•    Mobinil Ring -– souq/workshop
•    Phono Center -– souq/workshop  -– all companies serviced
•    Smart Shop -– souq/workshop
•    Vodafone Al Rehab Tec -– Ground floor Mall 2

•    Mall 1, Ground floor; occasional English language movies - phone # 26076414

•    Mall 2 -– One on ground floor and one on 1st floor
•    Mall 1 -– many available on every level; often full with boys gaming online
•    Souq/workshop  -– many 
•    Online Directory of Rehab - – the website is in Arabic only. However, you can translate the page through Google Translate. They have good interactive maps of the malls and souq, as well as information about events.
•    Online food ordering service - Lists all the restaurants that deliver in Cairo by neighborhood. Website is in English and Arabic. You subscribe to the site, enter your address, and then you don’t need to do it again.  Just enter your email and password and order.
•    Yallabina - - gives information about various entertainment events in Cairo.
•    El Rehab City Facebook Page – fans post comments about various events and happenings in Rehab. People post in Arabic and English.

•    Pets Worled  (sic!) -– souq/workshop  -– sells fish, birds, cats and pet accessories –  Owner: Amr, phones: 2607.8777 and 011-4008777.  They also have a GROOMER.

PHARMACIES All pharmacies deliver and most have English speakers answering the phone
•    El Ezzaby (24-hour delivery) – one of the safest pharmacy chains to buy Rx drugs. Ground floor Mall 1- phone # 19600.
•    Rania Pharmacy (24-hour delivery) - souq - phone # 19161
•    Seif – behind CIB -– phone # 19199
•    Medical clinic, next to Mall 1
•    Pharmacy -– Ground level, Mall 2, inside the main door on the right
•    El-Rehab -– phone #19244 (For those living in Group 92 – Building 5 is very convenient, this pharmacy is located in the Club premises near to the main entrance. The name of the doctor during the evenings is Mena, her English is excellent, and they deliver in less than 5 minutes)

•    The phone number is 19365 (normal local phone).  They have an English speaking service. You can obtain phone numbers by name of user or for branches, or for certain facilities or shops. Other services include information on opening hours of certain places or movie times.
•    You can also order butagaz bottles through this service.
•    There is also an online directory of Rehab (Arabic only) at   

•    Gate 5, east block from City Hall. It’s tucked away a bit, just follow the path from the mail box around the building.

RESTAURANTS & FAST FOOD CHAINS (many of them do home delivery)
•    Abou Shakra (roasted meats) – souq/workshop area – phone # 19090
•    Al Shabrawy – souq/workshop – phone # 26072182
•    Arabiata -– food court
•    Beyrouth -– ground floor Mall 2 -– phone # 010-0525577
•    Chicken Bahy -– souq/workshop
•    Chicken Tikka -– food court - – phone # 19099
•    Cinnabon -– food court -– phone # 25222221
•    El Haty (Egyptian) - souq- phone # 26075663
•    El-Shabrawy (Middle Eastern) -– food court -– phone # 16919
•    Far East (Pan Asian) - souq - phone # 26926919
•    Hardee’s -– food court
•    Jounieh (Middle Eastern) -– food court - – phone # 26923701
•    KFC -– food court -– phone # 19019
•    Koshary -– souq/workshop
•    La Reve (steak house) -– food court   
•    Los Gauchos (steak house) -– food court -– phone # 26071964/5
•    Maison Thomas pizza (no ham/pork) -– basement level Mall 1 -– phone # 26925355/66
•    Man‘oucheh – ground floor Mall 2 -– phone # 26923969
•    McDonald’s -– food court -– phone # 19991
•    Momen -– souq/workshop -– phone # 16600
•    Papa Johns Pizza -– food court -– phone # 19277
•    Pizza Cyrille -– souq/workshop  -– phone # 26923828
•    Pizza Hut -– food court -– phone # 19000
•    Teriyaki Experience – food cour
•    Tom Yum Seafood -– souq/workshop
•    Tota (Western International) – souq – phone # 26927675. Tota has a women’s only coffee hour on Wednesday mornings from 10am -1 pm. Great way to meet other women in Rehab.

•    Future Satellite -– souq/workshop, near Bank of Alexandria's ATM – John, phone # 26071550, 0103059383; good English
•    TV repair (name unknown) -– souq/workshop

•    The British School Al Rehab - school[at]
•    The International French School - L’Ecole de l’Avenir - ecole[at]
•    The German Language School (Deutsche Schule Futures)

El Rehab Sporting Club -– phone # 2607-0557 -– wide range of sports activities, including a gym and an Olympic heated swimming pool.  It is accessible to El Rehab residents only with a membership. You must get a letter from the AUC Housing Office (tel. 2615-4156/57) confirming your address in El Rehab, and bring it to the club when you register.

•    Sports & More -– souq/workshop  -– sports shoes
•    Timberlands - Mall 2
•    Levis - Mall 2

•    Samir & Aly (similar to Staples in the U.S.) - souq - phone # 2692 6553
•    Aeropol – souq/workshop  – sells HP printer ink
•    Al-Ritag – Mall 2
•    Auasis Library – souq/workshop  – Mr. Mohammed Saed phone # 010.4691135, 016.5001202
•    Bernasos – souq/workshop  – phone # 19185;

AUC El Rehab residents have been recommending the five taxi drivers below. For traveling within El-Rehab, they more or less charge between LE 5 - 7. It is best to call a taxi in advance - 30 minutes for private drivers.
•    Mr. Emad - phone # 010 723 4383- Excellent English and very reliable. Will help with shopping and translating upon request.
•    Mohamed Taxi – 010-3797670. According to a resident, he usually comes within 10 minutes of your call, and charges LE15 from El Rehab to the AUC New Campus (at the time of writing).
•    Mr. Khalid - phone # 011-847-0348 - fairly reliable
•    Mr. Ahmed -– (Khattab’s brother) – His English is better than Khattab’s, 016-721-0555
•    Mr. Sayed -– phone # 010-231-6549
It is best to call taxi companies at least 2 hours in advance:
•    Limousine "City":  2607-9175City Cab (must make a reservation in advance) - phone # 16516 
•    Limousine "City":  010-103 4373Cairo Cab (must make a reservation in advance) – phone # 19155
•    Limousine "El-Rehab":  010-676 5882
•    Taxi "El-Rehab":  010-684 9316

•    Nestle -– souq/workshop  -– sells dispensers and large bottles to fit - phone # 19800
•    CWAY - cheaper than Nestle - delivers large bottles -  phone # 24019696
•    METRO Supermarket – they deliver.  Also sells Nestle and other brands of water.

16182 – For Security, Traffic and Fire Fighting
122 – Ambulance
140 – Directory
112 – Police

Wow Nmartin, this is great ! Very useful. Million thanks. I've got a problem with my storage door that was locked by accident and I don't know how to open it because there's no key. Is there like "Lock Smith" somewhere ?
I know that you've talked about ladies cofee morning at Tota Resto. I'll try to come on next wednesday. Thanks again.

@ nmartin : you are unbelieveable ! A very comprehensive guide for us. Thank you !
Although I've been writing to this forum maybe for te last 3 weeks, I couldn't find time to join any meetings. I'm usually available after 19:00 during the week days and Friday at the week end.
If there is anybody available for the matching times, I'd be glad to have a cup of coffee together

Thanks for your input, nmartin! :)

This will be more than useful to newcomers, I'm sure.

Have a nice day further

Well done indeed!

I would like to point out that Rehab Club is actually open to everyone, but if you don't have membership you will need to pay a fee at the gate. I believe this fee is LE20.

The private pool, however, is only open to members who pay a premium with their membership fees.

Oh, and the flower shop in Mall 2 closed down recently :sosad:


nmartin :

Here is a list on info I've gathered with some neighbors on Rehab.

Natalie!! Super! So useful!

I live in Rehab also, hope to join the ladies for Morning Coffee.

You're welcome. Can't take all credit, it was compiled by a bunch of neighbors. Cheers.

Aykalam :

Well done indeed!

I would like to point out that Rehab Club is actually open to everyone, but if you don't have membership you will need to pay a fee at the gate. I believe this fee is LE20.

The private pool, however, is only open to members who pay a premium with their membership fees.

Oh, and the flower shop in Mall 2 closed down recently :sosad:


Really?? I phoned the club office, they said that we must have Rehab resident ID. To get ID we must show the leasing paper, etc.

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