Finding a Local to Negotiate Rent / Utilities, Etc. in Siem Reap


I am not fluent in Khmer yet - not by a long shot! In Siem Reap, how do I go about finding someone I can trust to negotiate rents / utilities with landlords, etc.? The language barrier for these crucial things is the only thing making me hesitant in relocating!

Thank you / Glenn

I'm certainly not an expert in Cambodia. Last time I was there was 71 but I know what I would do.

First of all, you'll probably make a contact here eventually.  If, however, I got there 'cold', I'd be willing to be you could meet somebody who either will offer to help you ... OR somebody who knows somebody who would, i.e. somebody's girlfriend perhaps.

The other option would be (after you check in someplace temporary).... find a Christian pastor and ask him/her if they'd help or if they have a congregation member who would offer to help for a few bucks. If they're really Christians they'll be happy to help (I know I would...if I was there and could help).

Or if you can find one of the local western business them if they have any staff who would help for a few bucks.  I'm sure they'd be willing to consider it...after all, you're gonna be part of their potential clientele now, right?

And keep in touch with ME too b/c I'm considering going there perhaps around January 2015.

Art Williams

Art -

A Million Thanks!  Your answer helped with my trepidation.  I'ld love to keep in touch with you.  I believe I'll be planning a two week visit in Jan. 15. 

All the best to you!

from Glenn


My Skype: 'atwill4'.


I live in Battambang. But, when I first arrived in country, I found that most places for rent, were owned by people who had some knowledge of English, enough to get by when it concerns money, anyway.

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Talking about rent, how much would I have to pay monthly for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in Phnom Phen or  Siam Reap?
Also can I buy similar apartment for around US$ 50.000 there. Any information will be appreciated.
Thanks, Philip

I am local guy. My name is Virak. I am not sure if i could help you. If you need these information, dont heritage to let i know i might be able to get these information for u.

I think it is possible to find apartment for around 50.000, but it would be abit far from town center.

Hi Virak, Thank you very much for your information, I will be there in Cambodia middle of next year so there is no hurry.
Regards, Philip.

Hi Glenn,
To help you see Adrien Malville, french lawyer living in Siem Reap. Everybody knows him here.
Good luck

Yeh some French know him.  But do you really think he understands Cambodian property's and what to do

In his own right.       No I don't think so

He understand  very well, he has two Khmers lawyers associates !!
Believe it or not, he is the best. Free to You to see a local squale taking all your money and flying away, mmmmouarfff !!!!!!

Adrien is an associate within Cambodia Law headed up by  Souring Sophea
An expert on Cambodia law conveyaning
He may have graduated from France but not here and will continue to learn under
Sophea.     For his own sack

I have a contact for you that is secure and very good. They negotiated my lease and I was very pleased.


Hello :cheers:

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