Trip to Beijing - anybody wanna meet up or accompany me? :)

Hey guys, I am planning a trip to Beijing the first week in October. As I will probably go on my own, would be nice to meet up with some people over there :) I´ll bringe you moon cakes from Shenzhen, Haha, it´s the only thing I can entice you with :D

Sorry no weekly meeting during the Oct holiday.

Hi Kabinetina,

Which places are you planning to visit in Beijing on your trip? And, keep remember to bring the moon cake. :/


Take Precious Care  Older Canadian Man opening up doors for new friends


I am also in need of company to visit few places during first week of october as 4 days are holidays and will be free with no work.

i traveling to Beijing at 25 this month , if you like we can meet each other :)

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If you are looking to meet new people in Beijing, please feel free to participate to other threads on the Networking Beijing section. :)



Bruh, i'll be there 1 september if u wanna travel or meet up

Thank you Priscilla for you advice :) , i wish if i meet you too

interested to meet you.
what is your email.

I  would like

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Hi there

I've just arrived in Beijing also.  Are you still here?  Happy to meet up if you're around.  I have a spare ticket for a few events on over the next few nights also.

Drop me a message if so.


Yeah. I'm around Beijing

Hey! Are you still in Beijing?

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